Hello Suspects, Inspector Turnip here! 

Grab a cup of tea, maybe a biscuit… And prepare to peruse the first ever Inspectors Log!

We’ll be going over all the latest Suspects: Mystery Mansion news, upcoming changes and community highlights. So, let’s get into the details!


New Map


We hope you’ve packed a suitcase, because our newest map is now LIVE!

Get ready to enter “The Hotel” — a brand new location filled to the brim with new mechanics, tasks and a unique layout which will test even the most experienced of players.



First and foremost, the map features a brand new mechanic:  The Hotel Elevator.

Players will be able to move up and down from floor to floor at will… Just like in real life! This is great for guests, as they’ll be able to move fast and complete tasks quickly. However, the elevator makes a great murder location and getaway vehicle for killers too.

Plus, if you don’t feel like taking the elevator… There’s always the stairs.

We’ve also included a great set of new minigames, which you’ll have to master if you want to become the ultimate guest. Prepare to sort luggage, restore secret documents and microwave coffee — it’s a lot more exciting than it sounds, we promise.



We’re expecting a few bugs with the new map, so the team will be tweaking and making fixes regularly over the coming days to ensure you can have a great time playing. Please let us know through in-game support, social media or our Discord if you discover anything!



Lobby Update


If you’ve been playing recently, you might have noticed we reworked the lobby!



We’ve made it easier for you to mute and report players, and now display which map is currently in the rotation and when it’ll change!


Season 2 Battle Pass


Many players have pointed out to us that there are less tiers in this season’s Gold Pass than the last one. This is due to the fact our previous season lasted much longer than expected, so we added extra tiers so players could continue to earn rewards.




We’re constantly listening to your feedback, looking at data and iterating on our matchmaking process to ensure players are placed in appropriate lobbies.



After receiving several complaints concerning players being too young/old for lobbies, we’ve made some changes to ensure this should occur less frequently. We’ll be monitoring these changes over the coming weeks and making any necessary tweaks!


Community Highlight


We’re always keeping an eye on our awesome Suspects community. Whether you’re a YouTuber, Streamer, Artist, Writer… We love the content, so keep it coming!

This week, we’d like to highlight the work of Murdoc, who creates incredible horror themed Suspects art! Check it out below, and be sure to drop them a follow too!



Do you like these horror inspired versions of our characters? Do you want to see something similar as an in-game cosmetic? Let us know!

If you’re interested in creating Suspects content, streamers and YouTubers can apply to our Partner Program to receive special benefits. You can find out more here.