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Suspects - Mystery Mansion

You’ve been invited to solve a murder mystery at the mansion!

Play online with up to 11 other players as you work together to try to solve the mysterious murder. Perform investigative tasks to get closer to finding the killer’s (or killers’!) identity. But be careful, this is no easy task, as there are others hidden within your group that will stop at nothing to kill the investigation!

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Why join?

  • Become part of our new community and earn exclusive perks & benefits
  • Connect with the Suspects team
  • Receive your own Creator Code
  • Share your feedback and help us shape the future of Suspects
  • Get access to pre-release builds, features & content

How does it work?

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Tiers & Requisites YouTube

Tiers & Requisites Twitch

*Please Note: Perks and Benefits are subject to change.

*Please Note: Perks and Benefits are subject to change.

Join the Suspects Partner Program.

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How do I qualify for each tier?

The requirements for each Tier are listed above! Your Tier can be increased by increasing your viewer engagement.

When will i get promoted to the next tier?

Each month our team will check your channel and, if eligible, you will be promoted to the next Tier! Please note: This is at our community team’s discretion. Having a few viral videos in a single month won’t result in a promotion.

Can I apply even if I do not reach the minimum requirements?

Unfortunately, if you do not meet our requirements, you’re not eligible to be a part of our Partner Program. We encourage you to apply at a later date once your channel reaches our requirements!

What is the monthly target?

The monthly target we have set is what we think you can achieve! Not respecting the monthly target is fine, as it is nothing but a guideline. Keep in mind that this is something we will consider when promoting your channel to a higher Tier!

How do you calculate how many views i have generated in a month?

At the beginning of every month, we sum the views of the videos you created the previous month. Please keep in mind that this number is not the same as your YouTube Analytics dashboard.

When will i receive new gems?

Our team will send your benefits in-game every month!

Will i get kicked out of the program if i don’t reach the monthly target?

Absolutely not, unless someone violates our Fair Play Policy or the Community Partner's Guidelines. The weekly target is set as a guideline for what you should be aiming for.

What are the cases where you may remove someone from the program?

As stated above, violating our Fair Play Policy or the Support a Creator Agreement might result in removal from the program. If you have a Creator Code, any violation of the Creator Code Agreement might also result in removal. Ultimately, our community team reserves the right to remove anyone from the program for any reason.

How can i get a spotlight?

Just keep being awesome and producing the high-quality content we know you can! Our team makes sure to keep an eye on all Partner’s channels and occasionally reach out for spotlights and similar opportunities.

How does early access work?

If eligible, we’ll invite you to try beta builds before the launch, along with some more information about the update! Everything you’ll try during the beta period is subject to an NDA. Content may be published after the embargo period.

What is the Creator Code?

The creator code gives you the 5% of every gem package purchased by players using your code. Players need to set your creator code in the game’s settings, inside the Content Creator Menu before buying anything. The creator code only works with the purchase of Gems Packages

How do players know they are supporting my channel?

To support your channel, players need to go into the game settings, open the Content Creator menu, and input your code. Once done, they will be notified that they are now supporting your channel. Every gem package they buy will support your channel.

Does the creator code expire for the players?

Yes, after a player sets a creator code in their profile, the code expires after 7 days. It’s good practice to remind your followers to check that page before buying gems.

Are there cases where i may get demoted to a lower tier?

We believe you should always be supported! But in the case that a channel does not meet the requirements for its tier for more than 2 months, we may consider moving the partner to a lower tier.

Can i have more gems than the amount listed in my tier?

The amount listed for each Tier is the maximum we can load into your account. Most tiers can use gems for either themselves or for community giveaways!

I need extra support for creating content!

Please reach out to our team for any assets or assistance you may need, we’re happy to help!

What happens if i am inactive?

It’s totally okay! Just let us know when you are back so that we can update you with everything you missed! We would appreciate it if you could please notify us when not creating content for an extended period of time. We’ll make sure to keep you on our Partner Program list and freeze your current Tier and Benefits. However, if you do not notify us and your channel is not making Suspects content anymore, we’ll assume you’re no longer interested and remove you from the program.

Community Guidelines


Community Guidelines

Suspects is a game for everyone. We won’t support channels that extensively use explicit language.

When creating content, keep in mind that everything you share will be exposed to players worldwide with different cultures, beliefs and opinions. Please bear in mind that they may differ to yours and that Wildlife Studios celebrates diversity and inclusion, and we expect the same from our partners.

If your content is selected for a Spotlight, our team will make sure it is 100% family-friendly. This applies to all platforms where we may decide to share your content. If we notice any inappropriate content, we reserve the right to omit or request content modification to align with our Fair Play Policy.

We’re here to support you and establish a positive relationship with you! We welcome feedback, and we encourage you to share with us your thoughts! Please keep the discussions about Wildlife Studios and its games courteous, civil and constructive! Any hateful interaction or toxic behaviour towards the company or its employees will not be tolerated.

We wish for you to be someone who can inspire our community and be an example to follow. We want our creators to be our community leaders and share the future of our community with us!

We are all about having fun! We want our creators to have fun while making Suspects content too! If at any stage the “Fun Factor” fades away, please let us know. We’re here to support you and your community with any assistance you may need!