Hi Snipers & Happy New Year!!

We’re so happy to start 2023 with you, and boy, are we starting strong! It’s been a while since some of you requested new items in our game, and we are here to begin that journey with you; it starts here today – with our NEW Winter Solstice Pattern & Decal! 

A new badass set that promises more defense and more power than ever before! A wintery match that will make you fit in the current season – not that looks matter, but we do think that they can help, especially when you’re hiding from your enemies in the PvP Arena…! A pair that will make you stand stronger in front of your enemies and help you kick ass in style! 

HOWEVER, what truly makes this pair a unique set, is the fact that it’s available for a LIMITED time only. The Pattern & Decal can be found at the top of your Gear Customisation Menu for a very short time! 


Winter Solstice Pattern 

Introducing the Winter Solstice Pattern! It’s a new, different and powerful Pattern in many ways, so we suggest you keep on reading: 

As depicted above, the irresistible set offers a whopping +150% Damage when applied. This is an unseen level of damage in our game, and it will help you become a God in the Arena! It will last 6 hours, and it can be yours at the cost of 4300 Diamonds. 

Another NEW element for this Pattern is that you can purchase it multiple times and stock up! We do advise that you do so, given that the availability of the item is very limited. We do have a purchase cap per player, but that shouldn’t stop you from stocking up if you wish to do so! 

If you’ve reached the maximum available cap, you won’t be able to purchase it anymore; instead of the Pattern’s price – you will see the words “Maxed out” and your Pattern units full, as seen here:  

Once a Pattern from your stock is “equipped”, the unit will be immediately removed from the virtual inventory, and it will be possible to purchase one more even before the equipped Pattern runs out of time! 

You can hold a full capped stock of Patterns even after they are not available in the game anymore – as they won’t expire unless activated. This means you can choose to wear the Pattern at any point in the future when you, again – want to feel mighty and powerful! 


Winter Solstice Decal

Behold the Winter Solstice Decal in all its glory! 

Like the Pattern above, the Winter Solstice Decal will offer you more protection than any other Decal available in our game; +150% defense is not to be toyed with – we assure you! It will last 6 hours – which is enough for any player to escape, even the most potent Snipers, and its price will be 2100 Diamonds per unit.

Same as above, this Decal is going to be available for a very limited time only! It can be purchased in bulk, and when the bulk cap is maxed out you won’t be able to purchase it anymore.


Overall Pattern & Decal Changes 

As you read above, this set of Pattern & Decal can be stocked up. However, this is a change we are now applying to ALL existent Patterns and Decals in our game. 

Another VERY IMPORTANT change is that Patterns and Decals won’t equip automatically anymore. All purchased Patterns and Decals will be found in an “inventory menu” ( same screen as before, we just added the equip button and inventory counters); from there, they will need to be manually equipped – so do not forget to do so!


We hope our first release of the year brings you joy, and as always, make your voice heard on our Social channels