Are you ready to take your PvP matches to the next level? We have something up our sleeve that will definitely do that! 

Sniper 3D is proud to present a brand NEW feature called: Special Bullets. 


What are Special Bullets?

In any PvP match, trophies are always at stake, so you’ll want to maximise your chances of winning every match. As usual, equipping a pattern and a decal will grant you a well-deserved improvement to your stats. But what if you could take it a step further? That’s where Special bullets come in!

These Bullets bring different effects to the fight, for players who just want to shoot as usual to tactical ammunition or strategic minds that want to optimise every situation; even those new to the game can enjoy it without feeling discouraged by any initial challenges!  Unlike the best Gears and weapons in the game, you can access these bullets at all progression levels.

But wait, there’s more! Not only are these Special Bullets calibrated to be better than the standard bullets, but the last bullet you use to kill an enemy will have a special tracing that will show up on your screen, making this Bullet so much more awesome! It’s definitely one of our favourite things about the Bullets! 

In order to acquire and stock up on any Special Bullet, you will need to go to the “Special Bullet” section in the store. Once acquired, in order to use the new Special Bullets, you will be able to select them and bring them to the Arena. 

During a match, one Bullet will always be selected (either a special you brought or the standard), and you can easily change between them. Using these Special Bullets will be natural, as shooting will automatically use the selected Bullets, consuming one charge for that Bullet. The standard Bullets will have infinite charges; however, consuming all charges for a Special Bullet will default back to the standard shooting bullets.


Piercing Bullet

Piercing Bullet is our first Special Bullet to be released, and it is amazing! 

This bullet will offer a 70% increase in Damage when shooting – each shot –  and it will stack when paired up with ALL our Patterns & Decals The Piercing Bullet can be purchasable via Diamonds in the in-game store!

As a matter of fact – in order to see HOW AMAZING these Bullets are, we have delivered 25 FREE bullets to everyone’s inventories today. So make sure you try them out today! 



Q: Where do I get the Special Bullets from?
A: The Bullets will be available exclusively in the game store; go to the store in your game and see the dedicated tab just for the Bullets. You will be able to stock up from there. 

Q: How do I get information about bullet effects?
A: By clicking on the flap in the loadout screen, you will be able to see more descriptions of what it does

Q: How the special bullet buff works?
A: If the weapon has 100 damage and you have a pattern giving of +50% damage, the final bonus with the Piercing Bullet (+70% damage) is 120%, totalling 220

Q: What happens if I already have 99 bullets and the cap is 100, but I decide to purchase more bullets? 

A: If the piercing bullet cap is 100 and you have 99, you can still buy a pack, regardless of the amount. However, you can only buy again when you get below the cap again.


So, what are you waiting for? Head to the new PvP screen and experiment with our first-ever Special Bullet. With Piercing Bullet’s help, you’ll be sure to dominate the competition and earn all the trophies you desire!

Stay tuned for the next Bullet!