Hello Snipers!

Elevate your game with The Big Game Pattern and The Big Game Decal. No more falling short in intense battles – it’s time to dominate!


The Big Game Pattern 

The Big Game Pattern improves your damage by 175%. This means your shots will pack a bigger punch, taking out your targets more easily. 

Whether you prefer long-range or close-quarters combat, The Big Game Pattern will give you the advantage you need to eliminate your enemies and secure victory. It will last 30 minutes, and it can be yours at the cost of 2850 Diamonds. 

Similar to our latest Patterns, this too can be purchased multiple times and stocked up, which would be ideal given that this item is very limited; keep in mind that we continue to have a purchase cap per player. If you’ve reached the maximum available cap, which is 10 –  you won’t be able to purchase the Pattern anymore; instead of its price – you will see the words “Maxed out” and your Pattern units full.

You can hold a full capped stock of Patterns even after they are not available in the game anymore – as they won’t expire unless activated. This means you can wear the Pattern at any point in the future when you want to feel mighty and powerful! 


The Big Game Decal

On the other hand, The Big Game Decal not only increases your defense by a whopping 165% but also gives you a 20% faster respawn time

This means you’ll be kept in action longer and ready to take on your enemies with newfound strength. No longer will you need to hide behind cover or worry about your health to recover.

It will last 30 minutes, and its price will be 1130 Diamonds per unit. Same as above, The Big Game Decal will be available for a very limited time! It can be purchased in bulk, and when the bulk cap is maxed out, you won’t be able to purchase it anymore.


Customization made easy 

We have made it much easier for you to equip your favourite Patterns & Decals! As you might have noticed – in our latest patch releases, our PvP Arena screen has an option for you to tap on called “Pattern/Decal”! This takes you directly to your Customization screen for quick and swift equipment of your stocked or yet-to-be-acquired sets! Pretty neat, huh?


In conclusion, The Big Game Pattern and The Big Game Decal are must-haves for any Snipers ready to up their game. So why wait? Upgrade now and become the ultimate Sniper!