Supply Cache might sound confusing, but it’s a really simple and exciting feature: picture a box, a box you can obtain in our game, a box you can obtain in our game that contains random prizes! That’s it! 

See? Easy. 

A box filled with big or small prizes, and its name is (the) Supply Cache (box)! 

Whether you’re familiar or not with this Cache, we believe it will come in handy for our Snipers as it presents an everlasting possibility of gathering more desired items or currencies in our game. 


Cache Types

Our Supply Cache comes in a few variations. You can see them below in our screenshot here: 

Found in our in-game store – in its own section –  each variant of the box contains a multitude of different prizes and variations of items to be won. 

They are different in their own ways, so here’s a breakdown of each individually:

Iron Cache 

While this Cache will be the cheapest to obtain, it will only contain one type of prize: currencies. The currencies can be any of the following: 

  • Tickets
  • Shards 
  • Diamonds
  • PvP Tokens
  • Coins

Bronze Cache 

Next step up, this Cache will offer all the currencies above, as well as Weapons and Gear parts

Silver Cache 

This Cache will offer currencies as well as Weapons and Gear parts BUT with nearly double the chance to receive weapons or gears. In other words, this is your BEST option of winning big, but we don’t wanna tell you what to do; you got this! 


Cache Jackpot

Every once in a while (more often than you think), you will see that your usual Cache amount of prizes received will increase substantially compared to what you would usually receive out of that particular Cache. While we’re still working on animation for it – this means that you’ve *drum roll please*… hit the Jackpot!! This means that, depending on the type of currency won, the jackpot could make your currency reward up to 20 times bigger!

For now,  keep an eye on your winnings and see if you notice a big jump. We hope you do! 


Cache Other Info 

What happens when you win a weapon or gear you already own?
You get a generous
diamond compensation instead! The better the weapon or gear, the bigger the compensation!

ie: The Silver Cache contains the Metal Ox, and you own it already; when you open the Cache, you will only see an increased number of Diamonds in your winnings and no Metal Ox. (The increased number of Diamonds will consist of the Diamond currency offered in the Cache + Diamond replacement for the Metal Ox.)

What if my friends have different values in their Caches?
The Supply Cache boxes will be personalised for our players depending on their PvP Patent. They will be priced differently, and they will contain items tailored to each individual player.

The last thing we want you to believe is that your friend is getting more treasure than you! Everyone is getting a HUGE value here – from Copper Ravens to Golden Skulls!  In the same way, don’t expect to see identical prizes in your boxes between your multiple accounts (yeah, you, we know who you are…). 



And because you read all the way to the end – your reward is being able to see the amazing video our team created for the Supply Cache! Are you ready??

Here it comes:


Feel free to share your winnings on our Social channels – but remember that your winnings are unique to you, so no comparison and jealousy, please! 

That’s all, Folks! Go ahead and give them boxes a try! Go on, don’t be shy!