Hello Sniper!
We trust that you got to meet our latest Pattern & Decal pair – and that you stocked up for rainy days. 

A new badass set of Patterns & Decals is making its limited-time appearance this week, and that is our Lunar Fire Pattern & Decal! This set is here to celebrate the beginning of the Lunar Year, and as you might have guessed, it’s going to be rabbit themed, as 2023 is the year of the Rabbit! 

This set also promises more defense and power than you’ve ever experienced in our game. It is a little different than its predecessor, but this means it will help you win matches and advance through Leagues in a different way! 


Lunar Fire Pattern 

Introducing our newest Pattern! 

New and different compared to the Winter Solstice one, this pattern will increase your damage by +130% Damage AND will give you an additional + 20% Fire rate speed increase. Powerful stuff! 

This is an unseen level of help in the Arena due to the additional Fire Rate help. This Pattern will last 12 hours, and it can be yours at the cost of 7900 Diamonds. 

Similar to the Winter Solstice Pattern, the Lunar Fire Pattern can purchase multiple times and stocked up! We do advise that you do so, given that the availability of the item is very limited. We continue to have a purchase cap per player, but that didn’t stop any of you last time. 

If you’ve reached the maximum available cap, you won’t be able to purchase it anymore; instead of the Pattern’s price – you will see the words “Maxed out” and your Pattern units full, as seen here:  

Once a Pattern from your stock is “equipped”, the unit will be immediately removed from the virtual inventory, and it will be possible to purchase one more even before the equipped Pattern runs out of time! 

You can hold a full capped stock of Patterns even after they are not available in the game anymore – as they won’t expire unless activated. This means you can choose to wear the Pattern at any point in the future when you, again – want to feel mighty and powerful! 


Lunar Fire Decal

As promised – rabbit themed, we have the Lunar Fire Decal: 

This Decal will offer you more protection than any other Decal available in our game; +150% defense PLUS 10% less respawn time. It will last 12 hours, and its price will be 3950 Diamonds per unit.

Same as above, the Lunar Fire Decal is going to be available for a very limited time only! It can be purchased in bulk, and when the bulk cap is maxed out, you won’t be able to purchase it anymore.


Please remember that Patterns and Decals won’t equip automatically anymore. All purchased Patterns and Decals will be found in an “inventory menu” ( same screen as before, we just added the equip button and inventory counters); from there, they will need to be manually equipped.

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