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We always want our players to be safe and well.

Certain situations require the help of a healthcare professional. There are professionals all over the world who can help. If you ever find yourself needing to contact a professional because you are experiencing thoughts of suicide or have been through a difficult experience, please see below a list of international and national helplines. Reaching out for help can be incredibly difficult, but calling a helpline is a huge step. Kind, compassionate, and caring people are on the other end waiting to listen and want to try and help.

I am worried about the well-being of another player:

If you are worried about another player, maybe because they have mentioned one of the following things in chat:

  • They have talked about hurting themselves
  • They have talked about suicide or having suicidal thoughts
  • They have talked about being a victim of some form of domestic abuse or violence.
  • They have talked about being a victim of rape or sexual violence.

These are the things you should do:

1. Encourage them to get help

Please encourage the person to contact a helpline. If the person is a minor (under 18 years old), please encourage them to talk to a parent or guardian about how they are feeling. Certain situations require the help of a healthcare professional. There are professionals all over the world who can help the person deal with the situation they find themselves in.

The below resources contain contact details of international and national helplines that can provide help to those in need.

If you are close to a player who is talking about having suicidal thoughts or hurting themselves and you are looking for ways to support them in conjunction with providing them with professional resources here is a guide that can help you bethe1to-steps-evidence.

Remember to look after yourself while you are supporting someone through such a difficult and emotional time. Ensure that you do not put yourself into a dangerous situation.

2. Contact local authorities

If you believe that there is an immediate risk to someone’s safety, please contact local emergency services immediately.

3. Report the situation to us

If you are worried about another player’s safety and well-being, please make sure you report the situation to us immediately by reporting this in-game. Most of our games offer in-chat report options.
All reports are treated anonymously, so the player you are reporting will not know that you have done so.

4. Practice Self-care if needed

Visit this Self-Care resource for more information on practising self-care. It’s important to take care of ourselves when we’ve experienced something potentially emotionally demanding, intense, or distressing.