Information for Guardians

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It is important that parents/guardians have conversations with their children about fun, safe and inclusive gaming. Below is a list of items we recommend you discuss with your child. Please note that our games are not meant to be used by minors under the age of 13.

1. Have open conversations with your child about gaming

Talk to your child openly about gaming, and be sure to encourage them to talk to you about anything they see online that upsets or worries them.

2. Familiarise yourself and your child with the game and in-game reporting options

Be sure that you familiarise yourself with how the game works, especially if it includes any social features such as chat, audio, or image sharing. Please ensure that you and your child know how to use all reporting features in-game.

3. Talk to your child about when to use the in-game report features.

It is important that your child knows that if they are not treated with kindness and respect or if at any point they feel worried or unsafe that they should talk to you and report this to us for further review. Your child should know all reports are anonymous, so the person they are reporting will not know who flagged them. It is also a good idea to review our fair play and safety policy with your child Fair Play and Safety Policy.

4. Talk to your child about the risks of sharing personal information online.

You should talk to your child about the dangers of sharing personal information online and what may and may not be appropriate to share.

5. Talk to your child about the importance of being kind online.

Talk to your child about what it means to create fair, safe, and inclusive environments and that they should treat everyone they meet with kindness and respect.

6.Check your child's username.

Make sure your child's in-game name does not contain personal information such as:

  • full name
  • School or college name
  • date of birth
  • address or the town you live
  • mobile number or other contact information

You might also want to check if their in-game name is appropriate.

7. Check in-app purchase settings.
Get familiar with ways to restrict or turn off in-app purchases on your child's device.