Hey Zoobsters,


We recently faced issues affecting several features, such as our Events System, Blue Screen appearing when playing with some characters, and not being able to collect from the Trophy Road. In order to compensate everyone affected, we will be running a special Crate Madness event tomorrow, December 23rd, from 11:30 AM GMT+0 to 11:59 PM GMT+0, that will have even better prizes, PLUS everyone eligible for a prize will also receive our exclusive ‘Happy Holidays!’ emote! 

We would also like to provide more information on the status of the issues faced this weekend:

  • For our Events System, we rolled back to the original system, and events should be working as expected.
  • We also fixed the issue involving the Trophy Road and not being able to collect rewards from it.
  • Our team is currently investigating the Blue Screen issue, and we expect to have this resolved in an upcoming fix. 

Thank you, everyone, for your understanding and reporting issues as soon as they arise! 

See you at the Zoo!