Hey Zoobsters,


Today we’re here to talk about the Grandmaster feature and some upcoming changes to it. We understand that this has been a significant point of concern for all players, and we’re committed to improving it. 


All right, so why do we have a burden in each GM tier in the first place?


The idea behind the burden was to make the road to the top a real challenge that only the best would get to. So the higher you get, the higher the burden.

It worked fine for a while, but once we introduced Events, things changed, and some players were incentivized to drop trophies to get rid of the burden, making it easier to earn points. 


While we don’t think that’s okay, we also understand that the burden is partially responsible for that practice. Higher-level players should have more trophies, making the matches fairer and much more challenging.


What’s going to happen with the GM burden?


On patch 2.25 that will be released next week, we’ll run a test to decrease the burden to 5% for each tier, reducing the 20% we have today to 5%.


Since recently there was a reduction in the power gap between characters, we feel there might be no need for the severe burden anymore. 


The test will allow us to understand the impact of a lower burden. All players will be affected by this test, and we should be able to come back soon with an update regarding our findings and whether we’ll keep it reduced or not.


Final Considerations


We want to thank each of you for providing us with feedback daily and helping us improve Zooba, a game that we all love. Please keep the feedback coming because it will be vital for us to know whether this test is a success or not.


And as always, we’ll see you at the zoo!