This one is for Skippy players! We are having a rework on Skippy’s primal instinct, we believe this change will positively affect aggressive and cautious Skippy players.


The previous Primal Instinct was not helping some aggressive play styles for Skippy, as it knocked back enemies on the start of each hop, moving away possible target enemies. The rework will remove the knock back and replace it with a Slow Down Effect to all enemies on the same radius as before, this way, Skippy players won’t push enemies out of range while repositioning! The previous strategy will still be available if the player equips Helium Canister.


The Primal Instinct name will be changed from “Knockback Hops” to “Don’t follow me!” And to better fit the character, the passive name will be changed from “Obstacle jump” to “Hopping Over”. 


See you at the Zoo!