Hey Zoobsters!


We have the exclusive reveal on the Primal Instincts of Milo and Buck!! We hope you’ve been enjoying seeing the Primal Instincts for different Zoober’s over the past few weeks!

And now, let’s get to it! Below you can get a preview of what each of these is going to look like!


Milo, the unique, sensible bird of the zoo, is commonly known as the ‘dodging sniper’. His Primal Instinct ties into that and is called the “Dodge Stance”. After dodging a projectile, this skill allows Milo to gain speed and an attack bonus for some time. It’s important to know that his primal only triggers if Milo actually dodges an attack while using his active. 



Buck charges us ahead to reveal his new Primal Instinct, the “Attracting Stomp”. Now, when Buck is stomping his feet at the beginning of the charge, he attracts opponents towards him. WOW! There really is no escaping his charge now! 



Please note, Primal Instincts is still a work in progress, so anything you see here is subject to change! And that’s it, Zoobsters! We hope you enjoyed this sneak peek at these three Zoober’s Primal Instinct!


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See you at the Zoo!