Hey Zoobsters!

Here’s more info on the newest member to join the Zoo, Phil the Owl! Take a look below!



Phil prides himself in his big brain, believing himself to have the answer to every debate, puzzle, or knowledge test out there. He’s actually not that smart, and his advice can be wildly off. He is actually a big softy, and can be moved to tears very easily. He likes to posture with the mature thinkers of the zoo and is constantly foiled by Edna the Echidna. At the same time, his secret, heartful nature makes him keen to watch the romantic performances of the zoo, and his advice may come more from the latest drama than any form of logic.



Primal Instinct: During his active skill, if he hits a target and the target has less than 40% total life, he finishes them off, no matter how much damage is left to kill them.

Active Skill: The owl lunges forward, flying in a hunting stance. While he is lunging forward, passing through an item or weapon will grab them automatically. When hitting an opponent, the Owl deals damage. When passing through an ally will give speed up.

Passive Skill: When the Owl grabs any consumable, weapon or flies through an ally with his active skill, the cooldown of his active is reduced.



And that’s it Zoobsters! See you at the Zoo!