Hey Zoobsters!


Zooba has a lot of characters and items with different special gameplay effects, and as we develop new content the interactions between all these moving parts came to a point that it needed some rethinking. The New Status Effect System is how we’re tackling it!


Now, let’s take a look below!


We’re calling Status Effects roughly all temporary gameplay altering effects that a character’s Active Skill, Passive Skill, Primal instinct, or Equipable Item can apply. This is an ongoing process and most of it happens under the hood, but on this next version we’re reworking how the Speed Up and Slow effects interact and accumulate and some of it will be very noticeable. We’re not going into too much detail, but the main differences are that Speed Up and Slow will accumulate and counter each other more predictably and that the resulting effect will have a maximum cap of 100% Speed Bonus and a minimum of 75% Slow Debuff.


Fix non-stacking Effects:

There was a bug that prevented some effects from properly stacking up, so if a character slowed by Fuzzy’s Passive Skill was hit by Frank’s Hydro Launcher it would lose Fuzzy’s effect, replacing it with Frank’s Slow. This will no longer be the case and the targeted character will now suffer from both Slows combined.



Previously, Frank would be 30% slower only on the ground when he was filled with water. Now he will be slower on both ground and water, but the Slow effect will be reduced to 20%.

Also, as a complementary tweak, the water speed will be increased from 3 to 3.5


Dash Attacks:

Several Skills and weapons in which the attacks consist of some kind of dash used to be affected by Slow Effects. This is no longer the case so Finn, Donna, and Buck’s Active skills won’t suffer from Slow; And the Spear attack on Shelly, Bruce, Finn, Larry, Molly, Lizzy, Tony, and Iris will also keep their full speed and range while the affected character is slowed down.


And that’s it, Zoobsters! Check out our Facebook Group and Discord Server to join the discussion with our community of players!


See you at the Zoo!