Hey there Zoobsters!


The time is finally here and we are super pleased to announce the release of our new matchmaking system. We’ve heard your feedback and comments on our current system and for the past few months we have been working to find a better solution to make matches more fair and we can’t wait to share more details below!


Transition Process


With the release of update 3.26 we will also be transitioning our new matchmaking system into Zooba. You can expect for a few days following the transition to experience some potential minor issues and delays, especially with waiting times for matches. After the release our team will be monitoring the system until we can hit the sweet spot for the new parameters and get the system settled! You can expect to see improvements over the following days. We will also be sharing a survey a few weeks after implementation to hear your feedback and thoughts!


Expectations Of The New Matchmaking System


With our previous matchmaking system we noticed that some encounters were unfair since the system wasn’t considering the true ability / probability of win of players. This system also benefited trophy droppers, allowing them to play in lower levels than they should be in. With the release of our new matchmaking system you can expect a few changes that should make the user experience with matching much fairer and more enjoyable!


And that’s it, Zoobsters! We will keep you updated over the next upcoming days and we look forward to hearing your feedback on this new system!


See you at the Zoo!