Hey Zoobsters!


We’re here to talk about a change that’s being deployed in the next update, which will be released today, May 18th.

After several internal tests related to character power level, we have concluded that a change would alleviate the “unfair matchmaking” feeling that you’ve been reporting for a long time.


This change is long overdue, and we’re sorry for that. Unfortunately, any change made to matchmaking or characters’ power level is risky, and it takes time to come up with a solution that works.


That being said, let’s move on to what exactly is being changed. 


As you all know, when you level up your character, its Health and Damage increases by 25%. So if you’re level 9 fighting a level 11, it means your opponent will be 50% stronger than you, which makes it very hard to fight back.


With that in mind, we decided to lower the Level Up damage and health increase, and starting from patch 2.23, Level Up will provide 15% more Health and Damage. If we look back at the same scenario of a level 9 versus a level 11, instead of being 50% stronger, that opponent will be 30% stronger. 


We intend to give low-level players a fighting chance when meeting high-level opponents. Getting one-shotted is not fun, and that’s something we want to try to avoid. It’s okay to be stronger, deal more damage, and have more health, but there still should be room for counterplays based on skill.


Please share your feedback with us when you have a chance to play a match in the new update, and let us know what you think about the new balancing! We hope this change will provide a better experience for all players.


And as always, we’ll see you at the Zoo! 


Zooba’s Development Team