Happy Holidays Zoobsters!

A snowstorm just blew over the Zoo and brought in a new winter-themed arena! Along with this, the guards may have gotten some frostbite, making them more vicious than ever! There’s also a new character joining the Zoo, just in time for the holidays!

Some chillingly awesome new skins Shelly “I Stole Christmas” and Freezy Fussy also showed up and brought along some previous winter favorites! This wouldn’t be considered the best time of the year without some skins, am I right?

Now let’s wrap things up and see what else is new!

New Character

  • Betsy the Beaver has joined the Zoo!
  • Outplay and outlast your competitors with her ability to quickly make log barriers to protect herself!
  • Betsy will be the first character to have access to Arrow Rain (Bow) and Focus Throw (Spear)
  • Early access starts on December 20th and ends on December 30th

New and Returning Skins

  • [NEW] Lumberjane Betsy: Get ready to cut down some trees and some competition with this outfit!
  • [NEW] Shelly “I Stole Christmas”: The Grinch is here and ready to take over the zoo! –Available until December 25th
  • [NEW] Freezy Fuzzy: Prepped for the cold and warmed up for some battles! – Available until December 30th
  • Nutcracker Buck – Available until December 30th
  • Rudolfinn – Available until December 30th
  • Arctic Nix – Available until December 30th

Holidays Celebration

  • Winter arena customization (map, guards, barrels and VFX)
  • New main menu and background music
  • Festive loading screen

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in which players would sometimes face connection issues when trying to collect event tickets

And that’s it for now, Zoobsters! Check out our Facebook Group and Discord Server to join the discussion with our community of players!

See you at the zoo!