We know you’ve been waiting a long time for this character to join the Zoo and the time has finally come! Let’s welcome, Yara the Blue Macaw! Known as an energetic singer, you’ll be sure to want her on your team once you see what she can do with her singing voice! 


Let’s see what else is new!


New Character

  • Yara the Blue Macaw!

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New Skin

  • Champions Yara: Get hyped with this sports inspired jersey look!

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Bug Fixes

  • The egg timer for Lizzy not resetting after placing 2+ eggs
  • Game crashes when buying Primal Instinct via daily deal

  • Happy Treats has no sound effect

  • Pepper speed decreases with Primal unlocked

  • Game freezes after collecting a Character Token on Trophy Road
  • Tapping multiple times on the purchase button in any of the mini upgrades popup is resulting in a connection error
  • Inflatable Muscle bonus damage value does not reflect the item description
  • Inflatable Muscle is not applying bonus damage
  • Arena’s Background Music keeps playing in the summary screen after losing any match

  • Speed, Ground Speed, and Water Speed don’t reflect the real value of the attribute in-game

  • Steps sound effect loops even when the character is not moving
  • Changing Weapon Attributes does not change tooltip info


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See you at the Zoo!