Hey there Zoobsters!


We wanted to start out by saying thank you to everyone that participated in our Game From Everywhere Challenge asking for you to share where you play Zooba from! We saw so many amazing entries from all over the world and it was a hard choice, but we have officially selected our 5 winning entries that we will be highlighting today! These selected players will each be receiving a Free Character of choice!


Also as a thank you to everyone that submitted an entry you will all be receiving a FREE community exclusive emote for participating! And if you are one of our winners mentioned below please get in contact with us through a ticket on Discord. If you do not reach out to us to decide on the free character you want within 2 weeks we will be sending you a random character you do not own!


Winner 1: 

Username: まよᴷᴵᴺᴳᶜʰⁱᵖˢ

User ID: 23237fb4

“I play in France, near they is a Sky station and I played on my mountain chalet balcony where we can see beautifull landscape. I played zooba since 2year and usually I played with my friend or family.”


Winner 2:

Username: Gonzalezc04

User ID: 6f926f68

“Hello from Bogotá, Colombia.
I’m medical doctor and i really like playing zooba with my Friends in My free time.”


Winner 3:

Username: tjdmeb

User ID: b6e4ec8b

“Poland, New Gdansk Manor, after school on my roof I have best internet connection.”


Winner 4:

Username: Zysu

User ID: 5c8878d7

“Most often I play at home in Krakow, but since I’m on vacation in Szczawnica, I play here in nature.”


Winner 5:

Usernames: MeDaBoss365 & drtesh 

User ID’s: 2d86a537 & 4155aa5f

“Me and my friend play Zooba every day during our lunchtime. First thing we did after 3 months of break, we got a trios win, even though our teammate died early in the game. Freshman year is easier when you have something in common.”


And that’s it, Zoobsters! Check out our Facebook Group and Discord Server to join the discussion with our community of players! 


See you at the Zoo!