Hey there Zoobsters!


We are here today to do a community spotlight on one of Zooba’s most well-known moderators! Mr. Matt, has been moderating for Zooba since the game first launched and we couldn’t be more excited to share with you some more about him!


Let’s take a look below!


Introduction about yourself and who you are!

Hi all! My name is Matt (pseudonym currently ‘Loki | God of Mischief’ on Discord) and I’m one of the senior moderators / admins for some of the games built by Wildlife. I’m not an employee, rather a player like you who dedicates some of my spare time to keeping thing safe.

I first started moderating for Wildlife in August 2017, originally for an amazing game called Castle Crush – this really was the first multiplayer mobile game I played properly. 


How did you first get into Zooba? 

In August 2019, the then Community Manager Ferri Awesome, reached out to Hilb, Law of Royale and I about Zooba – he introduced it as a Zoo Battle Royale game. Admittedly I first thought the game would be a flop – a bunch of weird zoo animals shooting each other – seriously?  I was wrong… In September 2019 we were given Beta access to the game; two years later, I’m still playing!


What is your favourite thing about Zooba?

Zooba is constantly being updated with new features and new characters. The art is even more impressive now than when it was first released (Fuzzy’s new character model and summer skin / animations for example). But the best thing is the community, which leads me onto the next question…


What is your favourite thing about being a moderator for Zooba?

I enjoy interacting with you all on the Facebook group and Discord server – my favourite activity is playing pranks on you all from time to time! 😉  Second to that is the sense that I’m making a difference, helping people where I can and ensuring everyone is safe. I also like being in a position to directly influence decisions occasionally – no-one knows it all and collective decision making is important to get things right!


Anything interesting or fast facts about you!

I’m 28 years old (29 in October), I’m an IT Helpdesk Manager living in South East England. I’m just waiting for Wildlife to open their South East England office so I can actually become an employee ;).


Who is your go-to Zooba character to play with? 

This is an easy one – Lizzy 100%! She’s the first character I’ve maxed out and my goal this season is to reach 1600 trophies with her!


What is your favourite memory from being a Zooba moderator? 

There’s far too many – I’d have to point to the ongoing chats I have with some very close friends of mine from the Castle Crush days. They’re fun chats and a great escape from the real world! A MASSIVE shout out to some great friends I made, including but not limited to:

  • RustyNuts / Manda (Former moderators of Castle Crush)
  • Chris K / Mumidragon  / Kim (Castle Crush friends)
  • Hilb / Law of Royale / Duckrinium / Jeff / Alison (Wildlife Moderators) 
  • And so many others – sorry I can’t list them all, Wildlife would need a new web server to host the list! 😀 


Any tips you have for those who just started playing Zooba? 

It will seem scary at first – there’s so many great players out there, lots of characters to collect, weapons to upgrade etc. You will lose, but keep on playing, hone those skills, find a clan to help you grow and join the Zooba Facebook group and Discord server so you can collect tips and advice from other players!


Any last closing thoughts?

Thank you for reading this far – it was a great privilege to be invited to be a Moderator for Wildlife, and even more so to be invited to answer some questions about myself! Never forget where you came from.


And that’s it, Zoobsters! We hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about Mr. Matt and how he became a moderator for Zooba! And of course, a huge thank you to Matt for all the hard work you do for the community in making it a safe, friendly environment for everyone!


See you at the Zoo!