Hey Zoobsters!


We are here with another community spotlight, this time featuring Zooba’s very own Content Creator Manager, Marco! He has been on the Zooba team for over a year now, handling and managing all things content creators plus the Content Creator Program!

And now, let’s learn a little more about him!


Introduction about yourself and who you are! 

Hey everyone, my name is Marco, and I have the honour of being the Content Creator Manager Lead for Wildlife Studios Games. I’ve been gaming since I have a memory of it, which I assume goes back to when I was 7 playing Alex Kidd on a Sega Genesis. It wasn’t until Halo for Xbox that I understood that video games were more than just games. Thanks to that game and its online community, I understood how great gaming is in creating connections between people, and that inspired me to make games my career.


How did you first get into Zooba?
I found out about the game 1 month after its release. I’ve been playing since November 2019, and I never stopped! I’ve seen this game change so much since then, and it holds such a special place in my heart. I immediately fell in love with the character design and the art style of the game. You can imagine how excited I was when I joined Wildlife and I got to work on this game!

What is your favourite thing about Zooba?
Easily its character design and art! I think that what we have here is rather unique, every character has its own, well defined, personality, and I believe every one of them has something relatable. When I play Zooba, there is always that one character that makes me relate to it, whether is Jade being confident yet clumsy or Nix being so competitive!


Who is your go-to Zooba character to play with?
I really enjoy playing them all, but Nix has a special place in my heart!


What made you pursue this role for Zooba?
I mentioned it before, but it’s the fact that I get to build so many connections thanks to gaming. Content creators are exceptional in that. They are talented individuals who go the extra mile just to entertain people and create unique moments for them.


What is your favourite part about your role as a Content Creator Manager for Zooba?
Helping people is what I love the most. I still feel incredibly humbled by the fact that I get to work with so many talented people, and I don’t share this much but I get quite emotional when I see them succeed thanks to our help. Seeing how excited some of them get after receiving something special from us it’s absolutely priceless and I would not change it for a bit. I know some of them can now say that YouTube is their career, and that makes me incredibly proud of my job every day.


What is the process you go through when selecting people for the content creator program?
Sometimes is just easy as checking what kind of content that person is making. Speaking in your video or showing yourself is definitely a huge plus. We want to show the faces behind the Zooba community and it’s always great to show a little bit of your personality as a content creator if you want your followers to connect with you.

That being said, we have some requirements in terms of the performance of each channel, but despite those being quite low, we do make an exception if we find someone who is making exceptional content. We believe in helping content creators grow, and we know that many of them will be huge talents in the future.


Is there anything you do in your role that most people wouldn’t expect?
I guess one thing many people don’t see is really how much time sometimes I spend genuinely helping creators with their issues. Sometimes even personal. When it comes to Youtube, Twitch or succeeding in gaming, it might be extremely stressful. While we really have a positive and supportive community, sometimes creators still feel the pressure of “Not being able to make it”, especially when a channel has been stuck for a while or if they have some other issues that impact their ability to enjoy making content. So yeah, you could say I usually act like their best friend trying to get them out of a delicate situation. We are all humans after all.


Can you share some of your favourite content creator initiatives you have seen?

While it’s not video content, I believe what TinaTheZoobster, Olivia, WindSnake, and DragonHF are doing with the Zooba Comic is absolutely incredible. They are bringing our characters to life in a way that goes beyond our game. Their work is something I look forward to seeing and get excited about every time I see a new page getting released.

Where can I sign up to become a Partnered Content Creator?
You can do so by clicking here: Zooba Partner Sign-up.pdf – Google Drive
We are in the process of redesigning the partner program, bringing new cool perks and redefining the current ones. While we paused reviewing new candidates for a while, we will resume in mid-September. So if you didn’t hear from us in the past months, there is still a big chance we will reach out to you in the future. Keep in mind that we also keep an eye on YouTube for new content creators, so you don’t necessarily have to apply to become our partner. If your YouTube channel has an email address publicly available, you might find a nice email from us! <3


And that’s it Zoobsters! We hope you enjoyed learning more insight from Marco about the content creator side of Zooba! And thank you Marco for taking the time to share more about yourself with the community!


See you at the Zoo!