Hey there Zoobsters!


Another community spotlight coming your way! This time we’ll get to know a bit more about one of Zooba’s fan artists, DragonHF! She has been creating fan art for over a year and we are excited for everyone to see more of her work and get some insight!


Introduction about yourself and who you are!
My name is Hafsa and I’m from France ! I usually go by the name DragonHF or dragon for short!

How did you first get into Zooba? 
It was through an ad, it’s not the content of the ad itself that caught my attention, but rather the wicked art style of the animals. I tried 4 matches and I fell in love.
What is your favourite thing about Zooba?
The in game design is what I like the most, beyond the simple and fun game mechanics, I love how the characters are designed and animated in a way that make each of them stand out in a unique and pleasing way, and the voice acting is the icing on the cake!

What made you get into creating art for Zooba?
Zooba was new at the time I started playing it. My main goal was to show my love to the game through my art and also get it known to people who might have skipped it.
What is your favourite part about making fan art for Zooba? 
The community and feedback! From people giving constructive criticism to people being inspired by it. Through Zooba art I met some amazing people, that ended up being my best friends.
What type of style do you use when creating your fan art? And what is the process you go through when creating your pieces?
I’ve got 3 partially different art styles.
Chibi emote (my friend Divinus’s little favorite): 


My regular style:

And this one which is closest to the in game artwork:

Here are some further examples of my art that get shared around a lot:

Click to view it animated!


Who is your go-to Zooba character to play with? 
None other than Henry! I love that I can sneak on people and ambush them, because I’m aware of their presence, and they don’t…
What is your favourite Zooba art you have done and why? 
It’s got to be this one. I entered this concept for the recent Zooba Skin Design Contest, Nix being one of my favorite characters, I crave to see her with a legendary skin, especially this one that represents one of my favorite Japanese folklore beasts. I also like the play on words, kitsunix, lol.

Click for a bigger view!

That’s it Zoobsters! We hope you enjoyed this spotlight on DragonHF and appreciated seeing some of the work she’s made for Zooba since joining the community! And a big thank you to Dragon for taking the time to share and create all of this amazing work!
See you at the Zoo!