Hey Zoobsters!


We know you’ve been waiting a long time for this character introduction, and the time has finally come! Yara is close to joining her friends at the Zoo! She took a quick detour at the Suspects: Mystery Mansion, but she’s officially on her way to join us now!


Let’s welcome, Yara the blue Macaw! Known as an energetic singer, you’ll be sure to want her on your team once you see what she can do with her singing voice!



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Let’s take a look at the concept art we created in the process of bringing Yara to life!

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All of Yara’s runs are filled with energy and her personality. She is constantly singing and dancing, and depending on the song she can affect her opponents negatively or her team positively. She is a great team player you will want on your team as she provides benefits to herself and the allies around her!


Active: Indomitable Performer

For her active Yara bursts into song and dancing for some time! This creates a “musical aura” around her that affects everyone inside of it. Each song has different effects and the player can change the tune at any time while the skill is active. The songs and effects are:

Mending Mambo (Green): Heals self and allies.


Swift Samba (Blue): Increase self and allies speed.


Caca-phony (Red): Damages opponents.


Passive: Encore

In her passive Yara’s Aura is extended by 3s if, while the Aura is active, she manages to affect 2 characters simultaneously for 1.5s. The characters must remain inside the aura and be affected by it for it to count towards the activation of this skill.

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Primal Instinct: Show Stopper!

Yara loves using her Primal Instinct! She gets so excited to have an audience and temporarily sings all 3 of her songs at once! Yara’s Musical Aura uses all three of its effects simultaneously for 2s after her passive (Encore) is triggered.



Yara brought one of her favorite outfits all the way from South America, she’s excited to show you! The skin will be available as a store offer along with the character’s release on patch 3.1. Yara will be in Early Access for 7 days once she releases.


Blues Yara. Click for a bigger view!


And that’s it, Zoobsters! If you want to join the discussion with other players, please check out our Facebook Group and Discord Server.

And as always, we’ll see you at the zoo!