Hey Zoobsters!


The time is here, our first ever Character and Skin Design Contest is almost at an end! We received thousands of submissions and our team then selected the top 10 entries for the community to vote on which ONE design they wanted to win! Today, we are super happy to be announcing our top 3 winners that will each be receiving a prize, while first place will also see their character and skin design come to life in our game!


Before we announce that, we also wanted to take the time to thank each and every one of you that submitted a design for this contest. Our team saw the amount of time and hard work all of you put into your submissions! We also wanted to mention that some great designs were not selected because the character’s they were proposing are already being created by our team and will be released in the game in the near future! We can’t say exactly which animals these are, but let’s just say we know you will all be super excited once you meet them!


And now, the moment of truth, over 10,000 players voted and the results are in! We also wanted to share that we have updated the prizes for the winners to receive MORE coins! Congratulations to the following players:


FIRST PLACE: Max the Raccoon!

Click for a bigger view!


Prize: Their character and skin idea will come to life in our game + They will receive their character & skin for free when released + 250,000 Coins

Made by: José Vitor de Sousa

Description: Max- Cheat Master. Animal: Raccoon Personality: Imperative-cheerful-charismatic-trickster. skins: CASUAL MAX, Prison max. Passive- runaway master (runaway master) Max gains + speed when in bushes. Active- Slingshot/Slingshot with Rotten Egg Ammo and Water Balloon. Primal Urge: When the enemy is under the effect of the stench, the enemies’ health regeneration will be decreased. When hitting the water balloon while the stench effect is on the enemy he will receive a small stum. But it will cancel the stench effect. Max gains more reload speed from weapons when “active” hits. Max is a character who gains a lot of advantage in the bushes so think twice before stepping into one. MAX is a young raccoon who seeks to draw attention from other animals by doing his pranks, a very cute creature with contagious energy. His laughter is heard throughout ZOO.


SECOND PLACE: Sandy the Jellyfish!

Click for a bigger view!


Prize: Winning character and skin for free when it launches + 225,000 Coins

Made by: Vagner Junior

Description: Meet Sandy Hula-Hula! Passive: Sandy’s spear and bow gain an electric power boost that when it hits an enemy, he gets paralysed. Active: hi-5! Stay away, because it will give you an electric charge that will cause you to lose damage slowly. Personality: She’s always optimistic, loves to dance and see the sunset. She seems fragile, but don’t try to mess with her! Primal: Keep distnace- When Sandy uses her active, the enemy affected by the electric shock touches another animal, he will also be affected.


THIRD PLACE: Scaaph the Sandfish!

Prize: Winning character and skin for free when it launches + 200,000 Coins

Made by: Sahara Bunny

Description: Introducing Scaaph the Sandfish! This reptile can swim through sand as if it was water! He is a medium to short range speedy killer! Passive: When he walks in sandy areas of map be gets a speed boost. Active: Dives into ground and can move around for 3 sec (taking no damage), then comes up and causes range damage. Primal: When he exits his active, sand gets shot out and can stun nearby enemies. His skin would include QuetzalCoatl Scaaph! Based off the feathery Mayan god. Scaaph has strange horns that take on a unique coloration due to him being around radioactive material when he was young! When he was sent to the zoo he began to grow in power and start training to not only swim through sand but the dirt and ice around the zoo!


We also have some other great news we wanted to share, those that placed in the top 10 and were not one of our top three winners, will also be receiving a prize! Each of these players will be receiving 75,000 coins for placing as the top entries in our Character and Skin Design Contest!


You will each be receiving your prizes today in-game and as for the first place character and skin design you can expect to see this in-game next year! This process of creating a new character for Zooba takes months of hard work between animators, sound design, and many other departments and we can’t wait to unveil them in the future!


Again, we wanted to take the time to thank everyone that submitted a design! This was a really really close race with so many awesome entries and we wanted to congratulate each of you that made it this far and everyone that participated! Make sure to keep an eye out on our social channels for future contests and giveaways!


Thank you and see you at the Zoo!