Hey Zoobsters!


Take a look below to see the adjustments made to the Pheromone Item in the version 3.46 release! We have been monitoring and listening to your feedback that this item was too overpowered so we have made some changes accordingly.


Pheromone Essense

In order to maintain Zooba battles fun and competitive the Pheromone Essence got some attribute nerf and a slight, but strategic, change on its stun behavior.

  • Cooldown now varies with the item level. It starts at 12 seconds in between uses, and max out at 8 seconds. Previously it was 8 seconds for all levels.
  • Stun radius starts at 5 meters and max out at 9 meters. Previously it was between 6 and 10 meters.
  • Stun duration starts at 1.2 seconds and max out at 3 seconds. Previously it when from 2.2 to 3.8.
  • Also, the player paralyzed by the pheromone essence stun can still use their kits, allowing them to place a crate to defend themselves, for example. These changes prevent a character from being easily chained stunned and make fighting against someone with pheromones more viable if you have the skill and resources.


Inflatable Muscles

We also wanted to give everyone a quick update on Inflatable Muscles. Our team did not nerf Inflatable Muscles, but we rather corrected a bug that it had. This item was intended to reset after you died but due to this bug it was not reseting.


As always, please continue providing your feedback on adjustments we make and we will continue sharing this with the team! Make sure to follow our social channels to keep up to date with everything Zooba! Check out our Facebook Group and Discord Server to join the discussion with our community of players! See you at the Zoo!