Hey Zoobsters!


We want to give everyone an update on where we are on our roadmap, other features we have mentioned in the past, and what you can expect from us over the next few weeks! Our team has been hard at work, and we are super excited to give everyone this much needed update!


Roadmap 2021


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So the first question a lot of you may be asking is, where are the Character Progression, Primal Instincts, and Character Level Balance updates that were expected to be released already? Our team has been putting all of their efforts into making this update a HUGE one. Not only have we been working on these new systems, but we also have a few new changes coming along with it. You can expect a new ZooTalk episode in the upcoming weeks to further address these updates. It will go into further detail about these changes and what the new system is bringing! 


But of course, we couldn’t do this update without giving you a sneak peek of what is to come! Below you will see the new Character Selection Screen our team has been working on for this big update. With these exciting changes, we figured it would be awesome to freshen up this part of the game experience! This new selection screen allows us to display characters in an easier way, showing you which characters you have unlocked and where their progress is in the game!



This update will combine all three of the updates that had been scheduled for Q1 together! It is coming very soon, so make sure to keep an eye out on our social channels for further updates and information! Regarding the other updates listed on the Roadmap for 2021, we still aim to have all of these implemented into the game later on this year. Unlocking Characters 2.0 is the next update after this one, and this has been postponed to Q3 for now. As we get closer to these features, we will keep you updated on the progress and if delays should be expected. Once we know more we will be updating the roadmap and be sharing this with the entire community!


Server Issues


Another big topic we want to address is the server issues we had been facing over these past few months. We have already sent some fixes to help improve this, and we are still working to have this fixed completely. The new Unity 2019 update released last week should help towards this goal by providing a better performance experience for all users. And again, we wanted to thank everyone for your patience with us as we continue to do an extensive investigation into our server systems and the cause of these issues. To see our most recent post on the server issues click here!


Hacking and Cheating Policy


We also recently released an important communication about our hacking and cheating policy. This served as a reminder that any and all forms of APK’s, hacks, and exploits will result in a ban from the game. For more information on what exactly is considered an offense you can view our previous post here.


Known Bugs Update


Our team is currently working on fixing the bugs we have present in our game. These are the bugs we are aware of and currently investigating:


  • Android users not being able to watch ZoobaTv ads. 
  • Playing in unavailable game modes. 
  • Steve Invincible bug.


You can expect these to be fixed soon! Our team has been working on fixing these complex issues, and we thank you again for your patience while we continue to investigate.


Pheromone Item Update



And now to the fun stuff! In the past we had mentioned that we were updating the Pheromone Item based on feedback from the community. As a reminder, here are the adjustments we are going to make:


  • We will be changing how the item is activated: Instead of the item being active all the time except when the active is on cooldown; it will be activated when players use their active skill, remaining active for a certain period of time (This period of time will increase as the item level goes up). 
  • We will be heavily increasing the item’s attraction power as it was too underpowered.
  • We will also increase the items starting radius.


Right now our team is focused on releasing the Character Progression Upgrade, Primal Instinct, and the Character Level Balance. After those are delivered, we will have the time to make these changes to the item, which we will then release!


And that’s it, Zoobsters! We are excited for all of these changes coming, and we hope you are too! Make sure to follow our Facebook Group and Discord Server to join the discussion with our community of players!


See you at the Zoo!