Hello Zoobsters,


We’re here to talk about the recent change made to the number of trophies earned at the end of each match and what we’re doing about the feedback you all shared.


First of all, the intent behind the change was to match a player’s performance in a match to the number of trophies earned, meaning that if you perform well, you should get more trophies. However, as stated several times, whenever we talk about matchmaking and defining the best parameters, there are always several risks involved – hence the delay in releasing any adjustments to matchmaking/trophies. 


Once you all started sharing your feedback on this change, we decided to investigate it further, and the conclusion was that the results were not what we had envisioned. That being said, we’re going to change the configuration for Squad/Trio/Duo back to the previous state and continue investigating and analyzing the data so that the matchmaking experience will be optimal for all of Zooba’s players. 


The change will take place at around 7:30 PM UTC+0. We’ll let you all know once it is concluded. 


We want to thank all of you for being so supportive and vocal about this and many other issues. It truly helps us make decisions. 


See you at the Zoo!