Hey Zoobsters,


We are here to address the recent adjustments to the number of coins earned from crates. We had said previously we would be more transparent and open about changes and issues we are facing, and in this case we’ve let you down with the lack of communication. Moving forward, when changes like this are made we will make sure to communicate those with everyone. And now, let’s talk a bit more about update 3.0 and how it is connected to the recent adjustment.


Changes From Update 3.0

The release of this update brought many new changes to the game. With these changes we also increased the amount of items in each crate, and we should have reduced the coins compensation per maxed item accordingly. This led to crates containing too many coins (up to 100k) and the average coins per crate for league 15 players doubling, creating an unfair advantage for those with maxed out items. This small group of players were receiving way more coins than they should have since the release of update 3.0.


Recent Coin Reduction

And this leads us to why there was a fix in the amount of coins released from crates for those with maxed out items in the recent update 3.6. We did not grasp that the number of people that were getting this advantage was so high and once we realized the magnitude of the problem we knew we had to act fast. 


This led us to add this quick fix into update 3.6, without having the adequate amount of time to communicate the issue to the community. The way we approached the resolution of this issue was not the right one because we made the mistake of not letting you know we were facing this issue, but also that we were going to be releasing a fix for it.


Why It Took Us So Long To Act On Issue

With all of the new changes that came from update 3.0, this was one issue that our team noticed later on after the release. ​​Once we found out about the problem, we were not aware of exactly how big the affected population was. The assumption was that it was only a handful of players that had maxed out items, but upon further investigation we noticed that this was a real problem we needed to address immediately. 


We should have communicated at the time when we noticed the issue, but since it was only a small percentage of players that were affected, and since this is considered a more  “positive” bug, in comparison to other issues it didn’t seem as important to address during the time. We know we made a mistake now, but making these assumptions and not informing players was the wrong move to make on our side. This lack of communication on our part caused a lot more issues than intended and for that we are very sorry. 



Since we did not provide an adequate warning that these changes in coins from crates would be made we will be doing a one time compensation for players that bought or used gems to buy crates and have maxed out items between the dates of September 24 to the 26th. These players will be receiving coins to compensate for the difference between the expectations they had and the coins they were rewarded. This will be a one time only compensation.


Future Planning 

We are currently working on restructuring the economy for Zooba and improving the experience. We are aware that coins are a limiting factor for many players and we know there is room for improvement in our current coin system since the release of 3.0. Our team will make sure to keep you updated every step of the way once we have an update on any upcoming changes over the next few months to this.


Again, we wanted to take the time to apologize for any confusion and the lack of communication regarding this change. In the future we will do more to keep you updated, especially regarding any game altering decisions. Thank you everyone for your patience with us as we took the time to release this official communication and update you on the topic.


See you at the Zoo!