Hey Zoobsters!


We are here to address the recent issues and feedback we have received from our community after the release of the 3.0 update. We have been closely monitoring your comments and we wanted to address some major pain points and talk about the three actions we will be taking.


Server Issues


With the release of update 3.0 we experienced some server issues as you may know. We had a huge influx of players updating the game and trying to log in, which caused the instabilities. As a compensation, we will be giving a 150 gems bonus for every player as an apology. Again, we are sorry about these downtimes and you can expect this to improve as our team continues to work on server stability. 


Players With All Characters During Free Character Offer


As a celebration for the 3.0 update, we offered every player a free new character. Those who already had all the characters at the time of the update were given 50 character tokens instead. We heard your feedback and realized that this was indeed not an equivalent compensation. Therefore, we’ll be offering extra compensation for players who had all the characters at the moment of the 3.0 update, which will be 3,000 free gems!


Upgrade System Coin Balance


Another topic we wanted to talk about was the upgrade system that came out with update 3.0. When we planned the new system, we knew that it meant more things to be acquired per character. One of the reasons was to make Zooba a deeper game, with more intermediate objectives, and more customization options. We do realize, though, that especially for players down the road it felt like they lost some progress (even though we guarantee that each player is still as powerful as it was before when compared to other players). Still, we believe that the new system didn’t scale up perfectly for players with higher level characters, so we will be giving extra coins to balance this – as a loyalty bonus. 


If you had at least 1 character on level 10 or above: 100k coins

If you had at least 1 character on level 15 or above: 150k coins

If you had at least 5 characters on level 15 or above: 250k coins

If you had at least 10 characters on level 15 or above: 400k coins

If you had at least 15 characters on level 15 or above: 600k coins

The prizes are not cumulative, each eligible player will receive one of these bonuses, depending on their status at the moment of the 3.0 update.


Our team is still working on all of these compensations and you can expect these to be released within the next two weeks. Again, a huge thank you to everyone for being patient with us as we released this entirely new system and worked everything out! This in itself was a huge change to the game and we are thankful for all of you Zoobsters that have been giving us the candid feedback we needed to improve for the better. 


See you at the Zoo!