It’s Roadmap time, Suspects! This time round, we’ll be taking a look at everything coming from September to December — as we round out 2021 with some awesome new Suspects: Mystery Mansion content, features and maybe even a new map…




Firstly, we have a whole bunch of new skins, pets and characters planned! There’s plenty of surprises on the way, including some characters that will definitely raise an eyebrow or two. These will be coming out progressively over the rest of the year. 


Next, following on from Season 4’s pirate theme, we’ll be introducing a whole new set of themed seasons. Next season’s theme will be “Future” … so expect to see lots of lasers, robots and other technological outfits on the way!

We’ll keep the rest of the seasons a secret for now, but keep an eye on our Social Media, Discord and your in-game inbox for news and teasers! We think you’re going to love some of the new themes and the skins that come with them.


We have some great new game modes on the way too, including one that was inspired by our community: Team Wars!

This will be the first new game mode to arrive. We’re aiming for a release in early October, so it won’t be long before you and your teammates can compete to see who is the rightful ruler of the mansion! 


We’re also very excited to reveal the Halloween Mansion! We’ll be making some changes to the classic Mansion map for the Halloween season, adding in a few things here and there to make it extra spooky. So make sure you have your wits about you when the lights go out, Suspects! You never know what could be lurking in those haunted halls.


Last but not least… the part you’ve all been waiting for. Yes, we are working on a new map! It’s still a while away, but we’ll have it in-game before the end of the year. While we can’t reveal too much, we can say that this map will delve into the lore of Suspects extensively and will feature an awesome new environment with awesome new tasks!

So, that’s it for this year. We hope you’re excited as we are for these releases, and can’t wait for you to try them out! 

If you want to keep up to date with all things Suspects: Mystery Mansion, head over to our Social Media or join our Official Discord Server. We look forward to seeing you there.