Hello Suspects, and welcome to the official Suspects: Mystery Mansion Development Roadmap for July + August! We’ll be covering all the releases to expect during these months, teasing new content and letting you know more about our priorities.

We know how much our players like new content, and so we’ve got a ton of releases in the next couple of months — including characters, skins, game modes and a new themed season!


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Firstly, we’re excited to reveal our newest game mode: Everyone Can Kill.

This mode is live in Play with Friends now, and will be coming to matchmaking as a weekend event on July 16.

Everyone Can Kill puts the power in everyone’s hands, as all players (guests and killers alike) can kill without consequences. Have a pesky guest you suspect but can’t convince the others they’re guilty? Take matters into your own hands! 


Next, we have a whole bunch of New Characters on the way. 

We’re expecting four new characters before the end of August. This includes one exclusive Gold Pass character and three that will be available through the store.

The first will be going live on July 23… Want some clues to their identity?

This suspect loves to stay healthy and previously worked as Mr. Goat’s very own personal trainer. They’re unique and stand out in the mansion, but can make a quick getaway if they draw too much attention.


For those of you who enjoy using Legendary Skins, you’re in for a treat! 

There’s a whole new set of them on the way, and these ones are extra awesome. Each comes with their own unique kill animations — which our team put heaps of creativity into. We know how much you love showing off when you make those clutch kills. 

The first Legendary Skin to arrive will be the “Dragon”, which comes to the store July 17.


Next up, we have the Boogey Monster Game Mode. 

We’re going to keep our mouths shut about this one as we want to keep it a surprise and preview it closer to the release date. But needless to say it’s going to be one of the most exciting (and scary…) game modes we’ve released yet. 


Last but not least, Season 4 will be our first ever themed season. Skins in this season will all fit a specific fun theme. We’ve left a couple of clues in the roadmap about what the theme might be. So see if you can guess! 


So, that’s it for July and August, Suspects. We have big plans for September onwards (including changes to core game mechanics and maybe even a new map) but aren’t ready to share info on them just yet… You’ll just have to keep an eye out!

If you want to keep up to date with all things Suspects: Mystery Mansion, head over to our Social Media or join our Official Discord Server. We look forward to seeing you there.