Do you hear that, Suspects? Sounds like Patch Notes. 

Patch 1.9 is here, along with a bunch of new changes and fixes that we think you’ll be excited to read about!


New Content

  • Molly the Kangaroo will be live on August 27… And she’s bringing a friend!
  • Pet Slot added to customization screen

That’s right, Suspects — PETS are here!

We’ll be rolling out a whole roster of them, starting with someone you might recognize if you’ve played Zooba: everyone’s favorite baby Kangaroo Joey!

Of course, he’ll come bundled with Molly. But you’ll also be able to purchase him separately for other characters too. 

Pets will follow you around the map very closely, so they won’t give away your location. When you die, they’ll stay around your body for a while — and will only disappear once your body does, so if a meeting is called or the game ends. 

They’re character bound much like Cosmetics, and will be featured in their own section of the Mansion Shop.


  • Season 2 and Season 1 Cosmetics added to pool of Daily Deals


Changes and Improvements


  • Added “Refresh” button to Daily Deals


You’ll now be able to get a new set of deals whenever you want! Every day you’ll receive a free refresh, with subsequent refreshes costing 10 gems and increasing incrementally.


  • Various improvements to Inbox layout
  • Inbox notification now updated after every match
  • Added “Epic” Rarity between Rare and Legendary to better represent outfit prices
  • Revised the rarity of several skins, including those from the Gold Pass
  • Legendary Skins now have their own section in the Mansion Shop
  • Added player info footer to temporary ban popup
  • Player info footer now includes version information
  • Fix for elevator getting stuck between floors when light sabotage happens 
  • Various fixes for Master of Disguise exploits and bugs
  • Fix for some purchases being unavailable if player didn’t have enough gems
  • Fixed “Not enough gems” message sending players to the Gold Pass
  • Fixed wrong section name on Wheel of Fortune in Mansion Shop


So, yep… That was a pretty big patch!

We hope you’re happy with the content, and we can’t wait to see all of you running around the Mansion with your pets.

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