Hello, Suspects! Another patch, another update — and plenty of awesome changes to the game that we think you’re going to love.


New Content

  • Legendary Skin: Invader
  • User Interface Revamp
    • Selected character will now be where we previously kept Nix
    • Added notification tags for New Offers, Inbox Messages 
  • Inbox Added
    • Includes News, Video and Personal Tabs
    • You’ll receive official communications from us in here


Game Changes & Bug Fixes

  • Players that are reported for bad behaviour multiple times in a match will be kicked after it finishes
    • These players won’t be able to join that game again for a long time. 
  • Clock is resynced every time app is resumed preventing bug allowing users to access multiple deals
  • Hotel Elevator won’t move during meeting any more
  • Block more popups from opening right before meeting starts
    • This includes Thermal Cams, Admin Console + more
  • Dead players can no longer start a meeting right after being killed
  • Dead players can no longer vote


Don’t forget, Season 4 is coming Aug 12!

Our special Pirate Themed Season features a brand new Gold Pass — which means a new character and a ton of new skins.

We’ll be showing it off this week with a special edition of the Inspectors Log, so stay tuned to our Social Media or join our Discord for news on that and everything else Suspects: Mystery Mansion