It’s Patch time, Suspects! This update is focused on bug-fixes and technical improvements… And there’s a lot of them. So let’s get started.


Game Improvements:


  • Movement and collisions has been revamped. 
    • No more glitching through walls/elevators, or planting bombs outside the map!
  • Improved other players’ movement on the elevator to be smoother 
  • Updated our voice SDK to support iOS 15.
  • Spawn positions will now be randomized every match, 
    • This means players won’t spawn on the same map every time!
  • For Safety Reasons, Voice Chat will only be enabled when 3+ more players are in a lobby.
  • Player ID and game version are now also visible on error popups
    • This makes it easier for us to debug issues when you report them!


Bug Fixes:


  • Fix for thermal cams not being visible on matches of 6+ players on the mansion.
  • Fix killer’s light radius being too large on Hide & Kill.
  • Fix ghost’s tail sometimes not playing the correct animation.
  • Fix two killers killing the same guest at the same time consuming both’s cooldown and creating two dead bodies.
  • Fix missing bell on character’s hand during emergency meeting animation.
  • New Legendary Skin: Dragon correctly added to game


That’s it for this patch! We’ve been listening to your feedback, bug reports and tickets so wanted to get as many of the important issues fixes as possible.

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