It’s patch time, Suspects! This time round, we’re welcoming in a new season, a new legendary skin and giving all the details on new game mode hitting Suspects new week! 


Season 3, New Gold Pass + Rita the Hyena



  • New Season and Gold Pass
  • New Gold Pass Character: Rita the Hyena
  • New Exclusive Gold Pass Rita Skins

Our new season goes live on July 8!

New Game Mode: Everyone Can Kill

Everyone can Kill is coming to Play with Friends and matchmaking next week!


  • There are no consequences for killing fellow players
  • Everyone enjoys vigilante benefits… everyone can kill!


New Legendary Skin

Available Saturday 17th July!

  • New “Dragon” Legendary Skin
    • Unique Kill Animations
    • Strike fear into your foes!


Bug Fixes


  • Changes to Hotel colliders to alleviate exploits 
  • More fixes for microphone detection and voice chat
  • Skin positioning on character improved
  • New “Gem Verification” toggle to ensure you don’t make accidental purchases
  • User ID now displays on loading screen


That’s it for this patch! There’s a whole load of stuff on the way, and we hope you enjoy.

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