Hello, Suspects — it’s that time again — Patch 1.4 is now live!

(And this one has a whole bunch of stuff…)

New Game Mode: Master of Disguise


  • Master of Disguise comes to the game Friday 2 July
  • Disguise yourself as other characters and cause mayhem!


New Legendary Skin



  • Terrify your enemies with the “Space Threat” LEGENDARY Skin
  • Includes brand new unique kill animations 


Gold Pass Upgrade


We’ve heard your feedback, Suspects… And we’ve added several more tiers to the Gold Pass. This means more chances to earn rewards for players who are playing games and earning points!

  • Gold Pass now goes up to tier 55
    • (That’s 20 new tiers, Suspects!)


Hotel Map Adjustments


We made a few changes to the Hotel map based on user feedback and testing.

  • Layout adjustment to the Hotel map
    • Now only one bathroom, so prepare to wait in line!
    • New locker room on first floor
    • Some doors are now larger
    • Break room on second floor now larger
  • Changed visuals of “Clothes Arrangement” task
  • “Luggage Dropping” task now slightly easier




  • Players should no longer experience voice/audio disconnections after playing for a certain amount of time
  • Players should no longer be able to glitch out of the map and plant bombs in impossible-to-reach areas


Thats all for now! Make sure to follow our official channels for all the latest news.

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