Patch 1.11 is now live, Suspects! Lets take a look at what we’ve included this time round.


New Content:

  • New Game Mode: Team Wars!
    • Available now in Play with Friends
    • Available next weekend in Matchmaking



  • New rare character: Caly, the Koala
    • After having insomnia for years Caly found relief in meditation. She was Mr. Goat’s meditation facilitator. Nobody knows whether she is meditating or sleeping!


Other Changes:

  • Various UI Changes
    • You may notice the Guests team will now be blue instead of green
  • Added Gold rarity for Gold Pass exclusive characters and outfits
  • Silence now available in public lobbies
    • Now players can silence others in the public lobby as they were able to do in the voting of a public-match


Bug Fixes:

  • Fix for an issue where players sometimes weren’t able to connect or rejoin a match if they were the killer
  • Fix for an issue where pets weren’t removed at the end of the match, resulting in orphan pets (sometimes giant ones…)
  • Fixed a lot of cases where the UI would become buggy and screens would overlap with each other, especially at the end of matches
  • Fix for gameplay pop ups appearing on top of meeting and being unclosable
  • Fixed the wrong “original value” on the 5 spin combo spin wheel confirmation popup
  • Fixed being able to start a private vigilante match with less players than necessary to have a player with a vigilante role
  • Fix for room name not appearing on completed tasks after a rejoin
  • Fix for sometimes not being able to enter a trapdoor when very near the maximum allowed distance from it
  • Fix not being able to use Guest tickets in the Everyone Can Kill game mode
  • Fixed choppy movement when pressing the “Kill” button multiple times
  • Fixed bug where few players weren’t initialized properly, resulting in them being invisible and having TataruPopoto name (No, it wasn’t hacking!)
  • Fixed many other errors, increasing overall stability of the game
  • Fixed “The Grey” outfit mustache being attached to the hat
  • Fixed cases in which a player was able to join a voice-chat while not being in the match
  • Added a new protection layer in the voice-chat, therefore even if someone joins the voice-chat without being connected in the match, the match players will not listen to them
  • Fixed new Legendary outfit offer bug where players couldn’t buy the offer for multiple characters (it would disappear after the first purchase)


That’s it for this patch!

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