It’s time for a brand new patch, Suspects! We’ve made some important changes to the game ahead of Season 5 that we’re excited to share with you. On today’s agenda are several UI changes, a whole host of bug fixes and some updates to the store that we think you’ll like.

Oh… And we’re revealing some more info about our new Gold Pass character! 


New Content

  • Season 5 content has been added to the game!
    • This includes a brand new Gold Pass, Gold Pass Character and set of futuristic themed outfits
    • The Season will go live on 16 Sep, we hope you’re ready!

For any of you following our Social Media, Discord or checking your inbox in-game, you may have noticed a few “Mysterious Transmissions” with some cryptic messages! 

The messages contained clues to the identity of our new Gold Pass character, who has now been revealed… Meet Melvin, the Goat! 



Melvin is Mr. Goat’s nephew, and had many internships in his various companies. After hearing of Mr. Goat’s disappearence, Melvin has come to investigate. Although it’s possible he might has some other motives on his mind…

Melvin has an awesome set of Gold Pass exclusive skins that you’ll be able to earn. Like them? Let us know on Social Media! 


Main Changes

  • Legendary skins and Rare Characters offered in the Mansion Shop will now change automatically every 72 hours
    • All rare characters and legendary skins offered as scheduled offers will automatically enter the pool of possible rotation offers 7 days after expiring
  • Players can select their player ID and room code to copy it to their clipboard
    • This works also when the room code is hidden, so streamers can share the code without having to stop streaming!
  • Visual improvements to popups and some buttons
  • UI will now inform players when their voice-chat is disconnected
    • This will include a code which will help us understand the error you’re experiencing
    • This also includes a button allowing you to reconnect to voice-chat


Bug Fixes

  • Fix for giant pets and pets with no owner staying on the map inbetween matches
    • RIP giant Joey and Gigi :'( 
  • Fixed more instances of gameplay popups opening on top of each other during meetings
  • Legendary Skin on the spin wheel will change dynamically when a new Legendary Skin is offered
  • Fixed issues when reconnecting inside a trapdoor
  • Fix character icons sometimes not appearing on ghost voice-chat
  • Fix room names of completed tasks not appearing after a rejoin
  • Fix double/triple kill of the same character on everyone can kill and vigilante game modes
  • Fix being able to trigger some actions 1~2s before the cooldown finished
  • Fix pet not appearing after rejoing a game
  • Fix inbox tabs overlapping if player changes between them too fast
  • Fix for voice-chat issues when the game goes to the background for more than 30 seconds


That’s it for 1.10, folks! Make sure to keep up to date with everything Suspects: Mystery Mansion on our Social Media and Discord… And we’ll see you in the mansion for Season 5! Make sure your laser pistol is loaded.