Greetings and salutations Suspects, Turnip here welcoming you to a very special glitchy edition of the Inspectors Log! We’ve got the scoop on our newest spooky game mode: Boogey Monster, as well as all the latest updates in the world of Suspects: Mystery Mansion…  And who knows, we might even give some new character teasers.


Boogey Monster

The Boogey Monster is upon us, Suspects.

Boogey Monster is similar to Hide & Kill, but with a few twists! Here’s how it works: 

  • This mode features one Killer
  • The Killer will become the Boogey Monster and gain special abilities…
    • The Boogey Monster can kill simply by touching other players 
    • The Boogey monster has no kill cooldown
    • The Boogey Monster gains increased speed when away from Guests
    • The Boogey Monster will gain reduced vision when close to Guests
    • The Boogey Monster reduces the vision of Guests they are chasing
    • The Boogey Monster is SUPER SCARY! 

This mode can get super fun, in testing we had situations where the monster would get five kills at once, and it was terrifying!

And the best part? The game mode is live now in Play with Friends on Version 1.7.

So go get a party together, hop into a game and prepare for carnage.


New Character Teaser

So, Paolo the Zebra has officially joined the Mansion. But we know many of you have been curious about who’s next.

This character will be brand new, meaning you won’t recognize them from Zooba. Unlike many of the other guests, they much prefer life on the farm to life in the big city… But they were close to Mr. Goat, and so would always attend his social gatherings! 

We’ll be leaving a few clues here and there on Twitter and Facebook which you can keep an eye out for, we look forward to seeing all your theories. 


Community Highlight – PabloGames

As always, we like to shine a light on members of the Suspects: Mystery Mansion Community during our Inspectors Log…

This time round, we’re highlighting Brazilian YouTuber PabloGames!

Pablo is a Brazilian creator who releases awesome Suspects and Zooba videos, which are very popular in the Wildlife offices. He even made a Suspects themed music video.

Anyhow, that’s it for this week Suspects. We hope you have a great time with our newest game mode and can’t wait to show you what’s next.

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