Hello Suspects, Community Manager Turnip here.

Go grab your magnifying glass, crime scene gloves and one of those funny Sherlock Holmes hats… because it’s Inspectors Log time!

This time round we’ll be introducing a new entrant to the Suspects Mansion, spilling the beans on next season and talking about our newest game mode: Master of Disguise.


New Character: Zac the Rhino

A brand new character is ready to make his mark in the mansion, say hello to Zac the Rhino!

One of Mr. Goat’s oldest friends — Zac has a heart of gold and is a great listener, always ready to hear Mr. Goat’s problems and offer his wisdom.. But as we know, inside the Mansion everyone is a suspect. So don’t expect him to take his role as a guest (or killer) lightly!

You’ll be able to find Zac in the Mansion Shop starting today!


Next Season

There’s a new season on the horizon, Suspects, along with a new character for your Gold Pass!

While we aren’t ready to reveal who it is just yet, we’ll give you a couple of clues:

  • You wouldn’t find this character inside Zooba, they’re completely new!
  • This character loves to crack jokes and make everyone laugh… So be prepared!

They’ll come with a whole bunch of unique cosmetics, and our art team has put a ton of effort into making the designs super unique, so we think you’re going to love them.


New Game Mode: Master of Disguise


While it was previously available exclusively in custom games, Master of Disguise is now going live for the first time as our weekend event.

This game mode introduces a new role: The Spy. 

Spies are killers with the unique ability to disguise themselves as other players. If played correctly, spies can frame other players, create confusion and turn the game into complete mayhem. 

We’ve had a ton of fun testing the game mode out, and think you will too! Remember to trust no-one, Suspects, and you might just come out victorious.


Community Highlight: Wickedfool


We love fan art, and this time round we’d like to show the work of one of our favorite community artists: Wickedfool.

Wickedfool has created a whole array of fantastic custom characters, from Squirrels to Sheep and even a Dragon! We recently ran a poll on our Discord where players could vote on a character’s features, name and more — and from the results Wickedfool created Hal the Wolf.

If you want to share your fan art with us, you can tweet at us, join our Discord Server or make a post on our official subreddit.

We look forward to seeing it and sharing it with other players.