Hello Suspects! 

We’ve been asked by several players for more information on our IQ and role selection systems, and thought this would be a great chance to explain just how everything works! 

The IQ system in Suspects: Mystery Mansion is inspired by the very popular Elo ranking system — which is used in chess for official rankings. However, since our game has more players and different roles than chess, we had to adapt it somewhat.


So, How Does the IQ System Work?

After every game, the winning team (Guests or Killers) takes points from the losing team. The number of IQ points taken/lost is determined by the difference in the average IQ of both the winning and losing teams: 

  • If the higher IQ team wins, less points are taken from the lower IQ team.
  • If the lower IQ team wins, more points are taken from the higher IQ team.

Then, the number of IQ points won or lost is divided by the number of players in each team… And that’s it!


How About an Example?

Let’s consider a ten players match with two Killers and eight Guests, and the Killers win!


If both teams had the same IQ, the Killers would take 120 points from the Guests. Each Guest would lose 15 IQ, and the Killers would gain 60 IQ each.

If the Killers have a lower IQ, however, they will now take (for example) 160 points from the Guests. This means that each Killer will get 80 IQ points and each Guest will lose 20 IQ points. That’s a big win for the Killers! 

At lower IQs (below 1500) you’ll get additional IQ points for executing various gameplay actions. This includes getting kills, sabotages, placing bombs, voting correctly, and completing tasks.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Why do I lose more points than I win?
    • You win and lose points according to the IQ difference between your team and the opposite team. If the other team has higher IQ points than your team, then you will gain more points if you win, and lose fewer points if they win.
  • Why do I sometimes lose tons of IQ points as a killer?
    • As the point distribution is a zero-sum system, the Assassins will always gain/lose more points than the guests because the guest team always has more players.
  • Am I more likely to get a certain role depending on my IQ?
    • No, the role selection is random, the only exception is when another player uses a Role Ticket.

We hope this answers some of your questions about how the IQ system in Suspects: Mystery Mansion works. See you in the Mansion, Suspects! 


Article by Suspects: Mystery Mansion Product Manager Fernando Fochi