Hello Pilots,

Community Manager Roulbox here – welcome to Mission Brief!

Mission Brief is your monthly news update for Sky Warriors! Our objective is to keep you informed about game updates and issues we are currently working on. We also want to let you know about the exciting things we have in the pipeline! 

There is a lot to be looking forward to in Sky Warriors, so I hope you made yourselves comfortable and got something nice to drink, we are cleared for take-off! 


Game Updates

  • Sky Warriors is available worldwide since October 6th. We would like to thank you for downloading Sky Warriors, engaging with us and providing all your feedback. your feedback is always welcome. Make sure to join our Social Channels and talk to us!  
  • This week we released version 2.1.0 for Sky Warriors – you can read the full patch notes here.
    • We added a specific in-game news section
    • We added new and exclusive Paint Jobs for all the planes: Here are some of my personal favourites!


  • We released Hotfix 2.1.1. This version is a gameplay roll back to solve the lag & performance issues that some of you were experiencing since 2.1.0. This version also fixed an issue where missiles were not causing damage as intended.
  • Some of you reported an issue where you were noticing a duplicate of your account in your games. This is an issue that our Quality Assurance team is currently reviewing and we hope to have it fixed soon.

Coming next

New Environments:

Do you remember our previous developer blog? The Sky Warriors’ team mentioned they were exploring new environments for players to enjoy!… Guess what? The team is currently finishing a new map for Sky Warriors! Isn’t that exciting? 

Here is a hint from concept art, can you guess the environment? 

I am sure you all are as excited as I am and I can’t wait to tell you more! We will release the new map later this month, so stay tuned to our Social Media channels for more intel! 

Team Play and Controller support:

To continue on the interesting topic of features coming to Sky Warriors, Game Director Luiz Piccini recently spoke to Pocket Gamer about the game!

As you can see in the interview, there are two extremely important features that most of you have been asking for:

  • The ability to invite your friends and invite them in battles: Team Play
  • Controller support: We are planning to add controller support and a few other gameplay surprises in the next couple of months.

Both features are currently in the pipeline and will be added to Sky Warriors soon! I would strongly recommend you to stay tuned to our news on Social Media and in-game so you don’t miss any information!


Community Spotlight


We would like to finish this Mission Brief, with a celebration of our Community. As the Community Manager for Sky Warriors, I have the chance to read all of your comments over our Social Media Channels and I can see how passionate, creative and fun you are. This is the best of the Community for October!

We recently opened our official Discord server, which I recommend you join:

  • To share with the community, chat with us and other members of the community.
  • To keep up to date with everything related to Sky Warriors.
  • For all the fun! As an example, Pilot [Fu] Apex will keep you entertained with some Dad Jokes! 

Funny isn’t it? I am still laughing! 

Remember that we have a dedicated channel for clan recruitment. Simply join our server and look for the #squadron-recruitment channel.

Speaking of Recruitment, I came across some cool Squadron banners made by the community. Here are some of the coolest ones:



Would you like your Squadron to be featured? Head to our Discord server or our Facebook group and share your coolest banners! 

Pilots, I hope you enjoyed reading this Mission Brief as much as I enjoyed writing it. Don’t forget that your feedback is always appreciated so make sure to join the conversation!

Take care & have fun!