Version 2.1.0 is currently available to your store!

In this version, we added a dedicated in-game news section, new exclusive Paint Jobs for each plane, bug fixes and more!

Buckle-up Pilots, we are cleared for take-off, destination 2.1.0!




  • New tier 3 paint jobs: Each jet has a unique paint job (skin) with gameplay bonuses! 
    • F-4: Red Rage
    • F-5: Gradient
    • F-14: Star Spangled
    • F-15: eagle’s Talon
    • F-16: Apex Predator
    • Harrier: Bird of Prey
    • Mig-21: Devourer
    • Mig-29: Northern Alps
    • Mig-31: Blue Thunder
    • Mirage: Blue Skies
    • SEPECAT: Covert Operations
    • Su-24: Overlord
    • Su-25: Air Shark
  • We added a dedicated in-game news section, to make it easier for you to be aware of any Sky Warriors related news! Check it out now, you received very interesting information from our community team!         



  • Added Memory improvements to help the game run more smoothly on all devices.
  • Improved motion at the end of match screens
  • Fixed minor bugs in the League interface.


Thank you for all the valuable feedback you have been sharing with us.  Join our channels and talk to us! Feedback from our pilots will always be appreciated in Sky Warriors. We recently opened an official Discord server, join the conversation

We wish you tailwinds and clear skies!