Hey Pilots!

Welcome to the fifht edition of Air Command Center, a Sky Warriors’ developer blog where you will be able to find some insights on the game’s development. Today we have a Q&A with the development team!

There were so many submissions and although we would love to answer all of them, we have selected the most interesting and informative questions that were sent in! If your question was not selected this time, do not worry as we will be hosting many more Q&A’s in the future!


And now, let’s get started!


Are you going to create new cards? With a new game mode in the future?(ⱤMSE̵͐̌A̶̽͝)

Content creation is one of our main priorities. Just as we have recently released a game mode and a few consumables, you can always expect more of it in the future!


When will you introduce new Maps? (Ahsan_Mirza)

As we said in the last Q&A, maps seem easy but they are hard to create and require a lot of resources. Our focus now is on other improvements on gameplay and events. But new maps will come in the future!


Would it be possible to add the ability to reconnect to a game? (Dyna-Soar)

We haven’t started working on this feature yet, but we are aware it is a problem and fixing it is in our backlog. We will let you know if we have any updates.


There has been a message appearing in the pilot’s account which says “Medals Coming soon”. It has been like a very long time but still no medals. I thought they were going to change this in the 2nd anniversary. Any comments on game updates and if so, why is there a HUGE DELAY in getting the game all perfect and good? (Xtreme)

About the Medals, our answer continues the same from the last Q&A. Regarding game updates, we are constantly working on improvements, gameplay and events, like Free for All that we just released.


Can you make It to where when we look at a player’s history we can see what squads they have been in recently? (Area_51)

We appreciate the suggestion, it will be discussed with the team.


Recently, you implemented new respawn points for deathmatch. Is there any possibility of doing this in the other modes as well? (Dyna-Soar)

Yes, there is! Adding more variability and fun to all modes is one of our top priorities. We are glad that you like the new respawn points.


You have recently implemented controller support in game but only standard flying is available, when will the advanced controls be supported? (EisenFoxGaming)

We are prioritizing other features so we don’t have plans to do this yet. In the future we can revisit this topic.


Why are there sky cups exclusively for death match and/or skirmish mode and not for payload? (MSix)

We decide on events we will run based on our perception of what players will enjoy the most. So far, we haven’t fit a payload sky cup into the game, but that might change in the future!


Why is it that when I fly my T7 account my opponents are usually T5 & T6 but when I switch over to my T5 Account my opponents are T6 or T7. Is this an attempt to force us to upgrade jets (even at times when rank won’t allow)? (Sig_1911)

The matchmaking is based only on the player’s xp, also the game finds the opponents with the closest xp so the search time for each match remains low. Jets’ tiers (either yours’ or your opponents’) have no effect over it.


Can you explain why there are no more supply rushes and why the jet rushes remain at 15%? What are your plans for the coming months on this subject? (Dyna-Soar)

The idea always was that these would be seasonal events so they will eventually happen, but not as frequently as before. These events will take turns between each other.
We intend to start making more variations of the rush events in the coming months. We don’t guarantee that supply rush will be back, but that is a possibility. Stay tuned for any updates regarding this! About 15% jet rush, we understand that this is a healthy value so the event can happen more frequently. That does not exclude that eventually we’ll have a jet rush with higher value.


Would it be possible to know the price of all planes in advance without having to pass the grade to know how to save? (ⱤMSE̵͐̌A̶̽͝)

That is an interesting suggestion, we will discuss internally. Thank you!


Last Q&A it came up with a roadmap. Do you have any plans to implement it in the future? (Dyna-Soar)

We don’t have a roadmap to share right now, but be sure to keep up with our announcements and for sure you’ll be up-to-date with every improvement over the game!


And that is it for today’s Q&A! Thanks to all the pilots that sent questions to us, we really enjoyed answering your questions and if you like it, we will make more Q&A’s in the near future!

We hope you enjoy it and if you wish to share your thoughts, feedback or on anything else, please join our channels and talk to us!



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  • In case of repeat questions, we answered the one that was sent first;