Hello Pilots!

Welcome to the fourth edition of Air Command Center, a Sky Warriors’ developer blog where you will be able to find some insights on the game’s development. Today we have a Q&A with the development team!

About a week ago, we asked you to send questions to the developers team in our Discord server. We have selected the most interesting ones and here are the answers:

Q: When are new maps coming? – Brando
A: Although it may seem easy, maps are hard to create and get right, and also require a lot of resources. We are focusing on other improvements on gameplay and events. So, for now, there are no maps under development. We have a few ideas for maps running around for the future, though!


Q: Is it true that you can choose which target to lock onto by tapping that target? Such as with cargo planes? If not, can that feature be added? – prkushun
A: We don’t have this feature. The targeting system was not planned to support this and would require relevant changes on how the targeting system currently works. Nevertheless we will analyze it in the future.


Q: Would it be possible to connect players one-on-one by some personal inbox? I know there’s some risk, but if both players should accept the incoming/outgoing messages and can only be connected through ID’s and cancel the exchange of messages unilaterally, maybe all the safety problems can be solved. – MSix
A: Creating a DM system is both hard and risky. We incentivize players to use the global and Squadron chats as well as our official Discord for communication, so we don’t intend to implement DMs in the future.


Q: Has anything about development, new game modes or planes ever gone public? – super sayian
A: We used to have a Roadmap Update, where we showed some plans that we had for the game. If this is something that you like, we can start doing it again.


Q: What was the reasoning behind the developers not establishing a league level between Platinum and Diamond, i.e. Ruby or Emerald, etc.? Seems like it would be beneficial with a squadron score of 600k. War prizes could be 2 plats and 1 diamond chest or develop a Ruby chest? – kickinback
A: Good suggestion about new Squadron leagues! In our original design, we wanted the Diamond to feel really high stakes and exclusive, and way better than Platinum and the lower leagues, which is the case. We intend to revisit how Squadrons and Squadron Wars work in the future.


Q: When 4.0 version arrived, one of the items of the update was “less cost of decals”, but with that discount of (maybe) 30% also came a decrease of the use time of 75%. So, that “decrease” is relative. Is there a chance to reverse that? – MSix
A: Considering upcoming features, we understand that shorter items will fit the game better. But thanks to your feedback, some players enjoying our Memorial Day event already noticed lower prices for Epic and Legendary Decals.


Q: Why would I see recruiting applications for pilots that are shown to already be in a Squadron? – Talon Karrde
A: We are actively working on improvements to the Squadron system, this issue is already mapped by the team to be fixed.


Q: Where may one find detailed instructions for this game? – WVRanger
A: You can find it in this link. We will update it soon, but it already has some good information about the game.


Q: Can there be a different system in regards to respawning for 5 diamonds? I have not used it since the upgrade and wonder if anybody does due to the cost. – PD4Real
A: The diamond is only used if you want to get back to the action quicker, as you still respawn after a few seconds for free. We are not planning to have a different system.


Q: Can we sell planes we no longer use for credit and other resources? – PD4Real
A: This feature won’t be implemented. Going through each tier is part of the experience of playing Sky Warriors. However, if you wonder about making older aircrafts more useful, we have some ideas that will come in the future.


Q: When are the medals coming? – Dyna-Soar
A: Coming, but not that soon. More important than medals, we still need to build the achievements that would unlock them. We are going to have novelties introduced in the next few months, but medals are not one of them.


Q: Has Supply Rush been discontinued? We used to get it frequently but hardly ever now. – Dyna-Soar
A: We introduced 3 different Rushes, with Battle Rush being the most frequent, Jet Rush in the middle, and Supply Rush as the rarest. In the end, we save Supply Rush for more special occasions. We would love to hear from you which format you like the most: the one that covers the Bronze / Silver chests, or the one that covers Gold / Platinum / Diamond? Also make sure to follow us on social media to know when a Supply Rush is live!


Q: When will we have a chat translator? – RazgrizDemon
A: We currently don’t have plans to implement this feature into the game.


Q: You should allow us to train with our members in the Squadron (or only play for fun). Could you make this happen? – Pappy
A: We don’t have plans to release custom modes yet. But we strongly incentivize our Squadrons to organize themselves to play together (inviting players to a team) and to share tips. Discord is a good place to start!


Q: How about creating a new chest? Since a lot of Squadrons score over 3 million points, it would be interesting. – Ferrxsson
A: We are considering tweaking the Squadron Wars rewards in the future, especially since the Squadrons are often breaking records with their war scores, but still don’t have plans to do that just now. Stay tuned!


Q: Why was the practice mode discontinued? I would like to learn the advanced controls you offer but can’t practice during a match without getting killed and losing energy. Can we please get the Practice Mode back? – PD4Real
A: We wanted to incentivize player to player interaction, and removing the practice mode looked like a good way to do that. You can still try out new strategies and controls in PvP matches, but we might consider bringing Practice Mode back.


And that is it for today’s Q&A! Thanks to all the pilots that sent questions to us, we really enjoyed answering your questions and if you like it, we will make more Q&A’s in the near future!

We hope you enjoy it and if you wish to share your thoughts, feedback or on anything else, please join our channels and talk to us!



  • Some questions were edited for clarity;
  • In case of repeat questions, we answered the one that was sent first;
  • It was not possible to answer all of you today, but some of your unanswered questions may be answered in the next Q&A.