Tennis 2.0

Introducing a New Way to Play

Tennis 2.0 brings some exciting changes to Tennis Clash! This enhanced game format encompasses a variety of new features aimed to give players an overall better playing experience in all stages of the game.


In this new game journey it’s a one click play- no more choosing tours, and progression is only upwards. As you move forward you will be presented with more challenges and rewards as you obtain more trophies and progress through tours.


Tennis 2.0 allows more possibilities to win more rewards on the Trophy Road. In this new progression journey you’ll collect amazing rewards, gather tips and be able to visually track your progression path- motivating you to go even further! 


One of the biggest accomplishments of Tennis 2.0 is fairer matchmaking. Players are matched against opponents who are in a similar progression stage, based on their current trophy count- giving you peace of mind that your opponent will be on your playing level. 


Pro Pass members also have an added benefit of a Bag Queue.This allows Pro Pass players to add winning bags to a queue to open instantly and have the advantage of collecting victory rewards at a faster pace. 


The Players who have just transitioned to Tennis 2.0 will notice a change in their trophy amount – more specifically, some trophies were added to your collection. The reason for this is to make the transition to the new progression be as smooth as possible, and fair considering your current progress.


The rules for added trophies are as follows:

We are confident these changes will help improve your playing experience and are intended to create more balance, fairness and fun in the game. We look forward to hearing your feedback on how we can continue to improve these features.


Now get out there and begin your thrilling journey on the Trophy Road!


Below are some FAQs to guide you on your new journey


What is Trophy Road?
The Trophy Road is where your new progression journey will take place. Here you will collect rewards by reaching specific trophy milestones. Your path to victory is clear, you can see all the items you’ve unlocked and the rewards that await you as you progress through tours.


Trophy Road in Tennis 2.0

View your current trophy count and highest unlocked tour on the main menu. Your journey on the Trophy Road awaits, filled with new challenges, pro tips and awesome rewards.


How do I advance in tours?
Win matches and collect trophies. As you collect trophies you will advance to new tours and unlock bigger and better rewards along the Trophy Road. On the Trophy Road, each tour has milestones, as you progress through the milestones (by winning trophies) you will collect rewards along the way to unlocking your next tour.

FYI: On the Trophy Road, your active tour and the tours you have unlocked appear in color, while tours you have not yet reached are shown as inactive, and are grayed out.


Can I choose to play any tour?
You will only be able to play in your max tour, (the highest tour you have unlocked) and not below this. This new approach creates more fairness in the game, (advanced players cannot play against beginners).

There also won’t be card level caps in tour matches anymore, this new concept is meant to create a more challenging and competitive experience for advanced players.


Has matchmaking improved?
Yes! The linear tour progression allows for more accurate, reliable match pairing of opponents. You can expect slightly less waiting times to find matches, and to be paired with opponents on a similar progression level as yourself – meaning fairer matches.


How much does it cost to play a match?
Every match you play is free! No need to spend on entrance fees to play matches. Use those coins for your card upgrades.


How has progression improved?
Moving up is more rewarding than ever before. The more matches you win, the more trophies you will collect while moving up in the Trophy Road towards the next tour. And, the further you progress, the better the rewards will be.

A minimum amount of trophies in each tour is required to unlock the next tour, where you will collect even more rewards. This incentive motivates players to reach the top to get the highest rankings and the most rewards.


What has been added for Pro Pass?
Tennis 2.0 offers a new benefit exclusively for Pro Pass members. There is now a Bag Queue. This enables the player to queue a match bag, so that it starts unlocking immediately after the last bag timer is over, without the need to log in and tap to unlock it manually.


Bag Queue Exclusively for Pro Pass

Queue your Victory Bags, the next queued is displayed in the main menu.


What are Player Titles and how do I get this?
Now you can show off your achievements in the game! Player Titles are brand new rewards showcasing your unique accomplishments in Tennis Clash. These are given to the top players in terms of trophies, depending on your position on the global leaderboards. Player Titles are shown in your profile and in matchmaking screens-it’s the perfect way to display your bragging rights!


Player Titles Display a Unique Achievement

Player Titles are displayed in your profile and to your match opponents.


Introducing the Grand Tour


How do I get access to the Grand Tour and how is it different from other tours?

The Grand Tour is unlocked after Tour 9 for players with a minimum of 2,200 trophies. This new tour is unique from all other tours and has a seasonal aspect, meaning it has limited time duration.

During a Grand Tour Season, players will be able to chase exclusive rewards on the Trophy Road, with each new season of this tour. Rewards will reset and change with every season, providing an exciting playing journey with diverse rewards. 

The Grand Tour allows for a robust competitive environment for top players. Players will be able to compete for the Global Leaderboards in each season of the Grand Tour. At the end of the season, Grand Tour trophies earned will reset allowing for a dynamic and challenging experience. Go chase those trophies!


Why were my trophies reduced? 

Upon the release of the Grand Tour, trophies have been reduced for some players. This helped create closer rankings between players and will allow the top players to compete for the top spots of each season. Current top players have had some trophies removed, these players have received a permanent tribute for their progress and achievements.


New trophy ranges indicated below

What do Player Titles indicate? 

An exclusive and permanent ‘Player Title’ has been issued to top players whose trophies were reduced, this title was dependent on their trophy count upon the release of the Grand Tour. These titles were only issued to the accounts of the top players and these specific titles will remain with them throughout Tennis Clash history.

Player Titles are displayed on your player profile screen, and also on the matchmaking pre and post screens. This display of accomplishment is just another way to display your history in Tennis Clash when matching against opponents. 


Player Titles details below 


What else is new? 

Along with the launch of the Grand Tour, we are also added a new way of winning and losing trophies for all players;

Instead of winning or losing a fixed amount of trophies per match, the new amount of trophies won/lost now depends on your opponents’ trophies!

For example, when you face a much more advanced player than yourself, and you lose a match, you’ll only lose a small amount of trophies; but if you win the match, you’ll collect a large amount of trophies. With that, we want to reward more winning hard matches, and punish losing less hard matches.


We know you will enjoy this brand new, challenging  journey to the Top.  Let the Grand Tour begin!