War Heroes

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How to Submit Chat Reports

With the chat features, you can interact with your fellow players, make friends and maybe even find new recruits for your Alliance.  

However, we understand that some players might post comments that go against our community spirit and negatively affect the general player experience in the game. For this reason we’ve implemented a method for you to report these players’ comments to us. 

When you see an inappropriate or offensive comment in the chat, you can report it via the following steps:

1. On the chat screen, tap the name of the player you wish to report. 

This will display their ‘Player Profile’ window, as seen below. 

2. Tap the Report tab on the top right corner of their profile. 

This will display the Report Window screen.

3. Select the abuse type from the list in the window. The reportable abuse types are:

  • Cheat or Hack
  • Child solicitation or violence
  • Harassment or stalking
  • Hate speech or derogatory religious references
  • Offensive language or content
  • Real life threat
  • Scrolling or excessive chat
  • Sexual, obscene or vulgar content
  • Spam or advertising

Upon selecting the abuse type, you will be asked to confirm the truthfulness of your report. 

Please note that false reports can result in actions being taken against your own account. 

Once you confirm, you will receive a confirmation of your submitted report, as seen below: 

We will investigate every report that is sent to us. However, for security and confidentiality reasons, we will not be able to disclose any details or outcomes of the investigation process.