New Update to the Energy Drink 

Hey Challengers, we have some good news!

Thanks everyone for sharing your feedback about your experience playing with the Energy Drink.

We want to let you know, you have spoken, and we listened! 

Based on the feedback we have heard in the Tennis Clash community we have made some changes to the placement and activation of this awesome energy boosting consumable to make your playing experience even better!


Check out these updates:


The Energy Drink button is now smaller with a new area of placement 


Customize the side (right or left) you would like your Energy Drink icon to display on your screen


Choose if you would like to Equip your energy drink before each game directly from your lineup


Now you can choose to equip your energy drinks before a game. The new Energy Drink button icon has been placed towards the top of the your screen and is aligned with the string effects icons (on both sides).


As a result the chat button has been moved down a bit to avoid conflicts with the Energy Drink Button.This new placement is a result of the feedback we were given about the placement of first button.


This size and new placement is to avoid accidental activation while playing the game. We hope you will enjoy this new experience! 


So drink up! It’s time to get boosted! 

Changes have been applied from version 3.38.0