All You Need to Know About the New Ace Academy & Signature Moves

Ace Academy is a new in-game feature that allows you to strengthen your character’s attributes and get prizes each time you train! Collect tickets and train at the Ace Academy so you can get Signature Moves for your favorite characters. Below you can learn more about how to enter, play and what you can win once you start training at the Ace Academy. 


How to play Ace Academy:

Step 1: Collect tickets to enter the Ace Academy by opening bags. Academy tickets can be found inside of all bags in the game. Also look forward to special offers, promotions and challenges which can allow you to access even more tickets for entry.  

Step 2: Play & progress in Ace Academy.

Step 3: Collect all strength signs (Power, Wisdom, Courage) and the unique Signature Move is yours!


How Many Academy Tickets do I need to collect to start Training? 

Ticket entry fee will vary by Tour, but also the higher the tour you play, the more tickets you will get inside of bags. Play your highest tour possible to get the most tickets. 


How can I see how many tickets I have?

It’s very easy! In your main Ace Academy screen, you can see how many tickets you have collected and how many tickets you need will be indicated on the “Let’s Play” button. 


What prizes can I win training in the Ace Academy? 

For every training session you can win many prizes; such as gems, coins, character cards, items, special strings and much more! But keep your eye on the grand prize; the Signature Move!

A new character string collection will also be revealed on every new cycle.

We have a NEW string as a tribute to our newest Character to launch his Signature Moves; introducing the NEW Viktoria Chibi Fiber! You can find this unique reward at the Ace Academy- so go get it!


What are Signature Moves? 

Signature Moves grant your characters increased strength, power, and unique abilities that cannot be obtained with regular upgrades. Each Signature Move has a unique trigger that requires you to take a specific action. Reference to tooltip to view the triggers for each character. 


Here is how you get to the tool tip: Click on “Signature Move” on the menu to see more.


Can I improve my Signature Moves?

Yes! Once you have earned your Signature Moves you can continue to improve and strengthen them by training in the Ace Academy. 


Which Characters get Signature Moves? 

Characters with Signatures Moves include: Jonah, Luc, Leo, Hope, Florence, Anton, Diana, Kaito, Abeke, Hyun-Jun, Omar and Mei-Li.  The latest player to feature a Signature Move is Viktoria. Different characters will be featured to earn new Signature Moves in each cycle.


What are the Activation Triggers for Signature Moves and What do these do?


SM Abilities

Activation Trigger


Stronger volley + increased power & speed per stroke

Activates when you hit the ball behind your opponent’s service line.


Stronger forehand & backhand +
overall increased power 

Activates when you hit the ball behind your opponent’s service line.


Stronger forehand & backhand

Will automatically activate if you are against an opponent with higher total power.


Increased agility

Activates for each point your opponent is ahead of you.


Stronger forehand & backhand

Activates when you play against an opponent whose total power is less than or equal to yours. 


Increased power & accuracy on all strokes (forehand, backhand, volley & serve)

Activates at the beginning of each rally with your opponent. 


Stronger serve (both power & accuracy) + increased volley power

Activates for each point your opponent is ahead of you.


Increased speed & forehand power

Activates when your opponent’s stamina goes below the threshold during a rally.


Increased backhand power (both speed & accuracy)

Activates after hitting 4 strokes in the same rally, accuracy increases for the next rally.


Increased speed & volley power

Activates when you score an Ace (a serve with a point).


Stronger forehand & backhand

Activates when you consecutively hit the ball towards your opponent’s court side (left, right and center mark) in an alternative matter (left, right, left etc.)  he will gain one stack. 



Increased power & accuracy on all strokes 

Activates at the beginning of each rally.


Increased forehand & backhand power 

Activates every time you hit the ball towards any line of the court.


When will Ace Academy be available?

Ace Academy cycle duration will vary. 


Can Academy Tickets be saved for the next Cycle?

No, you must use all of your tickets before the cycle is over. Tickets cannot be carried over to the next cycle duration.


Where can I use Signature Moves? 

Signature Moves can be used in all matches from tour 3 & above in addition to Club Slam & tournament matches.


Why play Ace Academy? 

Ace Academy is the only place you can get Signature Moves, so you can take your characters to the next level and take your game up a notch!


We know you will love this new addition to your gameplay and it will really allow you to progress with your favorite characters. It’s time to start training!